Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Michigan Tuesday: The D-Line Injuries Could Be An Issue

Michigan's program under Greg Mattison has had great defensive lines.  This year is no exception and with the loss of Mo Hurst has done very well.    I will take DE's Gary and Winovich over any pair in the country.   This is a deep position group but injuries continue to pile up and if there is one thing you need against Wisconsin's power running game it's great defensive line play.

Here is a current list of defensive line injuries:
#2 Carlo Kemp - Limped off on Saturday, being evaluated for this week
#3 Rashan Gary - Has an AC injury*, missed Maryland, questionable for Saturday
#5 Aubrey Solomon - Had surgery week 2, expected back late Oct - Early Nov
#18 Luigi Vilain - Missed last year and expected to miss this year with injuries
#50 Mike Dwumfour - carted off on Saturday, reports are not as serious as first thought

Those are 5 valuable players that equal 22 recruiting stars.

Backups and co-starters include:

  • Bryan Mone - a run stopper perfect for Wisconsin 
  • Taylor Upshaw - Needs to stay on a red shirt 
  • Lawrence Marshall - been getting plenty of playing time
  • Donovan Jeter - Is the sophomore ready?
  • Julius Welschof - true freshman not an option 
  • Carl Meyers - Walk-On and has gotten some snaps 
Michigan has plenty of depth at the DE position with the likes of Paye, Hutchinson, and Uche who is a LB but can rush the passer. 

  • Jared Wrangler tweeted that when DJ Durkin was at Michigan he told Jared,  he would never play at Michigan. DJ your a bleep hole.
  • Michigan at MSU is a noon kick-off,  Yes! 

  • There continues to be concern over Urban Meyer's health as he took a knee with a headache during the game on Saturday.   I'm obviously not a OSU fan but shouldn't they have moved Saturday's game to Monday on Columbus day? 

  • The media kept asking Harbaugh that the Michigan fan base wants Shea benched.  Who the hell are they talking about?  This is the best QB play we have seen in a very long time. 

*More info on AC Injury from sportsinjuryclinic.net:

An AC joint separation, or AC joint sprain, is an injury to the ligament that holds the acromioclavicular joint together at the top of the shoulder. It is usually caused by a fall onto an outstretched arm and there can be different grades of damage. There will be severe pain and swelling on top of the shoulder, especially when trying to move the arm overhead.

Pain will be worse when trying to move the arm overhead and there is often swelling and depending on the extent of the injury a deformity may be seen in the form of an obvious lump on top of the shoulder joint. Acromioclavicular joint separations are graded one to six with grade one being mild with only minor ligament damage and no separation of the bones whilst grade 6 is a severe injury with complete ruptures of the ligaments and visible deformity.

A grade 1,2 or 3 injury is usually treated conservatively without surgery. Grade 4,5 and 6 injuries and grade 3 sprains which do not respond to treatment usually require surgery.


Renegade said...

FYI. The city of Columbus no longer recognizes Columbus Day as a holiday. Instead they will recognize Veterans Day (which seems odd that they didn't already recognize it).

EzmoB said...

Who in the hell wants Patterson benched? Is this rumor that someone started to get Shea off his game? No one in their mind would say that!

Bob said...

Amen Ezmo and good info Renegade. I think Ann Arbor should now not recognize Arbor Day. :)