Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Wolverine Wednesday: Goes Barney
Jimmy was asked on Stoney & Wojo/Jamie this morning about Coach Warinner coaching style: "He breaks it down Barney style" what's Barney style? "Barney is the purple dinosaur. He teaches life lessons to the kids they can understand.... Tell me like i'm in the 4th grader so I can understand this" from Angelique's twitter.
"I love the offensive line, you love me , if you use the proper blocking technique, --- we will be one happy family" The above photo is Ed Warinner running a kids camp and showing that holding is a penalty. The green dinosaur is clearly throwing the flag. - There continues to be rumors that Tarik Black is close to be back and playing in games. There were rumors for Wisconsin and now that continues for MSU. The Wolverines have a bye week after MSU and that might be the best guess for a return to the field. -If When Michigan wins the Paul Bunyan Trophy this weekend, I hope they spend a few dollars on it and get it refurbished. The last time I saw the trophy, it was looking pretty rough. - Nick Bosa decided to not return to Ohio State and focus on his recovery and prepare for the NFL Draft. I don't have a problem with it, since he had surgery. If he was healthy, I would have a problem with it. He is also the Buckeyes most talented player, which won't hurt in November. - Rhett Rodriguez, who is the son of RR and was famously named during his opening press conference at Michigan, will start for Arizona on Saturday due to an injury to their starting QB. 

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