Wednesday, December 19, 2018

A Good Day in Review

I've been getting real tired of all the bad news and bad things that have happened to this program lately.  Michigan is finally in the top 4 playoff race and gets a 62 burger dropped on them in Columbus.

Then gets a re-run of a bowl game that many fans and players feel is just an exhibition game, one that we have seen two other times.  Gary and Bush are headed to the NFL and Higdon is reportedly home in Florida.

Dax flips to Bama and Zach Harrison gets scared of the 62 burger and starts to pull away.  Aubrey is homesick and looking for a new school.

Michigan has not been great at closing a class and they sky is starting to fall.

Then last weekend happens. Michigan lands a much needed 4 star OT and a 4 star LB.

Today, I expected things to stay pretty much the same.   We would get our committed prospects and call it day.   I started early and the commitments starting rolling in around 8:00.  Then it hits twitter that Dax Hill has signed and was confirmed LOI was in.  I looked at it 3 times to confirm in my own mind it was real.  The entire day changed!

This was big for many reason, yes Dax had back flipped to Michigan but even when he was committed to Michigan originally he was planning on signing in February.   This was a huge win for Harbaugh and Don Brown.   No re-commitment announce, no hats on a table, just a received LOI and new 5 star in the fold.

Then shortly after Michigan gets the 4 Star outside WR it needs.  Michigan closes with getting back a 5 star Safety, a 4 star OT, a 4 star LB and a 4 star WR.   That is a very strong close to the class.

Work to be done?

Yes, there are still two Johnson's without signed LOI's.   They might be doing some signing thing at their school or could be waiting until February.  Quinten tweeted a couple of days ago he was signing today.  No idea what George's plans are.

Update:  from twitter a few minutes ago.  George's LOI is in!

AP-Hickson I guess will sign in February, I don't know if this has something to do with basketball or not.

Michigan also needs a DT.  They might be able to find one between now and February or look for a graduate transfer.

I'm not excited about the Peach Bowl scrimmage, but I am excited about this class and Michigan's future!

Today was a good day!


EzmoB said...

Bob indeed today was a good day.

EzmoB said...

Bob what you hearing about Brian Wright as someone coach Harbaugh will entertain as our OC.

Bob thank you for taking the time out and keeping us updated and informed today.

Steve Zander said...

Excellent updates today. Thank you so much.