Monday, January 7, 2019

Some Prespective on the Greg Mattison News

Many Michigan fans and players are freaking out.  How could Greg Mattison go to Columbus to become the DC for Ohio State?  I have heard he has told friends and others that it was a financial decision, as his Michigan contract was due to expire.

My Take:

I really don't see this as a huge loss.  Greg is 70 and has one foot already towards retirement.  He has been contemplating retirement for a few years now.

He has developed a ton of talent at Michigan but many top level guys never really reached their full potential.   Gary and Taco are two that come to mind.   You could even throw in there Aubrey Solomon if you wanted.

Greg was always a great recruiter but I'm guessing its getting harder and harder to hit the road in your 70's.

That last point, OSU already has a great defensive line coach on staff.  Greg will be co-DC with Jeff Hafley a new hire from the 49'ers.   This is a clear hire to groom Jeff for the full time DC role.

I know Greg has family in Ann Arbor, which is the 100th reason this seems like a strange move.  

The good news:

Michigan already has a guy on staff that is young and a high riser in the profession.  Al Washington who has family ties to OSU was offered a job and turned down Ohio State.  He has coached the defensive line for Don Brown, is also known as a great recruiter, and has very good recruiting ties in Ohio.  

If you put a gun to my head and said, you have to lose Greg Mattison or Al Washington to OSU, pick one.   I would pick Greg.

Good Luck Greg!  I hope your defense gives up 62 points to Michigan next year.   Let's hope this reverses the curse.  


EzmoB said...

Bob I'm feeling much better now. The shock was too much to handle when I first read the news. Good luck to coach Mattison. We can replace him with someone better. I'm sure coach Harbaugh already has a plan. Go blue!

Goblu said...

It’s an odd move for someone who has such AA ties. Not sure the logic in his deciding making - plenty of other places to transition to retirement. That said, don’t think it hurts us meaningfully. And at least was done after signing day... so didn’t lose any of his guys.

Cormac said...


Jimmy 4 the Natty! said...

I hope Pep Hamilton follows him there.

There is no way this is a financial decision. For the players to send shade on social media also tells me he didn’t have the locker room on his side.
Normally I would say Good Luck but I can’t wish that here...

Goblu said...

What are the players saying?

Scott K said...

total headscratcher..... might be the first chink in the armor post meyer. GM has not been a DC in how many years???? I hope this means we'll see as much pressure from their front four as they saw from ours, in Novemeber.

I hope Warde breaks out the checkbook and keeps Al Washington on staff so he can take over the DL.


Cervantes18 said...

This is great news! Good riddance, this just may be a sure building block for the defense to be personally angry when they play osu this year