Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Wolverine Wednesday: Is Michigan Better Than Iowa?

We did something similar last week and it was scary how close the numbers where between Michigan and Rutgers.  Well the proof was on the field and even though it was Rutgers, Michigan looked like what many of us expected at the start of the season.

So how does the same metrics look against Iowa?   There are two different Iowa teams, like there seems to be two different Michigan teams.  There is home Iowa and there is road Iowa.

Total Offense
Iowa #60
Michigan #98

Iowa #79
Michigan #69

Iowa #41
Michigan #110

Total Defense
Iowa #5
Michigan #16

Passing D
Michigan #4

Rushing D
Iowa #10
Michigan #70

Did u hear that?  That was Bo turning in his grave hearing that Michigan is ranked 110th in rushing offense and #70 in rushing defense.  I'm actually grateful that Bo didn't have to witness the RR and Hoke years.  This year is no beauty either.

Michigan and Iowa are very even in passing metrics on both sides of the ball.   The huge difference is rushing the ball.   Iowa can run the ball, Michigan can't.  Iowa's defense can stop the run,
 Michigan can't (outside of Rutgers).   Let's hope those stats were from "Home" Iowa as "road" Iowa gave up 418 yards to a very average Iowa State team.

  • RB Connor Heyward has left the MSU Football program and entered the transfer portal.   Connor is the son of the late "Iron Head" Heyward and brother of the Steelers DE Cameron. 

  • Former Michigan WR Oliver Martin will be catching passes for Iowa in the Big House this weekend.  That is two weeks in a row the Wolverines will be playing against a former teammate. 

  • Zavier Simpson was named to the pre-season All Big Ten team. 


UofM91 said...

Will be 3 straight weeks vs former Wolverines against Illinois and Brandon Peters

Cormac said...
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Mike Tebbe said...

On paper we should kill them.... Last 4 years of recruiting rankings shows we have more talent... Now what coaches do with that talent is how the outcome of the game works.... Plus we are home... If we lose this game I pray to GOD JH steps down.....

2016 Mich 4th Iowa 42nd
2017 Mich 4th Iowa 40th
2018 Mich 24th Iowa 40th
2019 Mich 10th Iowa 41st

Scott K said...

Harbaugh isn't going anywhere... He has been Michigan football since he was 10 years old, he's not leaving until he believes he's done what he came here to do. If you think he doesn't give a shit, has checked out, lost his edge, you're nuts.
Who, do you think is going to be better? Don't say urban fucking meyer either. if we're ok with hiring him, we've entered the ranks of the win at all cost crowd and that's not Michigan. Hire Urban? yeah, hire Art Briles too... I'd never watch another Michigan football game.

Onward, Go Blue

szanreno said...

Scott K,,,, ditto