Monday, February 10, 2020

Michigan Monday: State's Search Continues

Imagine if you have had the best head coach in college football history and he couldn't win at your program and was looking to leave as quickly as possible?

Now here we are again, Dantonio has stepped down after a pretty good run but a difficult last few years on and off the field.

Here is the latest in the search:

  • Iowa State Head Coach Matt Campbell, quickly turned down an interview request. 
  • Pitt's Pat Narduzzi and former MSU DC quickly shot down any interest in the job. 
  • So did 49'ers and former MSU assistant coach Robert Saleh (which would of been a home run hire). 
  • This weekend reports were that Colorado head coach Mel Tucker had agreed to an interview but quickly took his name out of consideration on Saturday.  Not sure if he interviewed or not.  
  • Which leaves UC head coach and former OSU interim head coach Luke Fickell.  
Luke interviewed with MSU on Sunday but did not get on the plane with the MSU AD Bill Beeckman and others.   Message boards are saying its a done deal and that Fickell will be State's next head coach after the Regents meet.  The next meeting is scheduled for Friday, but it's expected that they will have an "emergency meeting" to approve the hire earlier this week.  

This seems a little strange, as most AD's have the power to hire a new coach and that approval from the Regents is just a formality before the contract can be signed.  

Cincinnati newspapers are not so sure Fickell would leave for State if his goal is coaching ND or OSU.  That State most likely is not his "dream" destination and that it could be very difficult going from East Lansing to South Bend or Columbus.  

This is strange timing to hire a head football coach.  Recruiting for 2020 is basically over, the coaching carousel has been stopped for months, and spring practice is right around the corner.  Which means this is pretty much a two horse race between Fickell and current assistant Mike Tressel.  I wonder if they even considered a guy like Eric Bieniemy who would be another home run hire.

I'm assuming one issue in hiring Coach Fickell would be his staff.  I assume someone from his current staff would be the head job (or interim at UC) and others would follow him to East Lansing.   I also expect that the MSU Athletics office would like to keep a few of the current assistants for a easier transition and not having to pay out contracts.  UC's RB coach Doug Phillips just took the head coaching job at Youngstown State two days ago. 

My money is on Fickell and an announcement early this week.

Update:  Well this post didn't age well, Luke Fickell reportedly has turned down MSU this morning.  MSU continues to be in a tough spot now and might have to look to Tressel.  

  • Michigan Basketball finally got a signature win in the Big Ten on Saturday.   That was a nice effort against MSU and it really does help when you have your best scorer healthy!  There is still work to do to get in the tournament but the team does have a good resume and they just need more W's.  

  • Seems Jimmy is adding another former Penn State coach to his staff in Matt Limegrover.  Who used to be Penn State's OL Coach and Run Game Coordinator.   This sounds like a great hire and two areas Michigan could use another set of eyes.  


Rudy said...

Between the cupboard being bare at sparty U and the potential looming sanctions; these coaches are quickly bailing. The coach that accepts will likely be one with few better options for taking a power 5 program. Wonder if Damntonio's pride has gone yet since the fall is in full effect!

MichiganMan said...

Jim Harbaugh should take that job....please

Cmfgoblue said...

That would be great... Jim has never lost in East Lansing if im not mistaken....great hire for msu....maybe Ward could go as well...