Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Michigan Tuesday: Tommy Leaving Boston

Tom Brady announced on IG that he will be leaving the Patriots.  Which seems a little strange since he hasn't picked a new team yet.   I'm assuming he has a couple of offers that he is happy with and that Robert Kraft low balled him.   Most NFL people believe its a Tampa Bay vs. LA Chargers race which doesn't seem like a good choice either way.   I think Tampa has more weapons but LA is opening a new stadium next year and Tom loves California.   So who knows?

  •  Two Harvard transfer candidates has spoken with Juwan Howard about Michigan.  I think at this point Juwan is considering having two teams.   I doubt this goes anywhere.  

  • 2021 4 star TE Thomas Fidone who just visited before the lockdown has put Michigan in his final group.  Thomas lives in Iowa and is also considering Nebraska. 

  • Another Pryor is heading to OSU, 2021 RB Evan Pryor is heading to Columbus.

  • Today was the supposed to be the first day of Michigan Football's Spring Practice. 

  • Graham Glasgow goes from walk-on at Michigan to a $44M deal with the Broncos.  Congrats 2G!

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