Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Michigan Tuesday: News and Notes

  • JJ McCarthy as been throwing to AJ Henning to keep sharp.  Let's hope they continue this trend in Ann Arbor.  The person shooting the video was Rivals EJ Holland.   So EJ filmed JJ to AJ.  

  • Michigan had another Victory ripped from them as 4 star DT Victory Vaka picked Texas A&M over many other schools. 

  • The KC Chiefs has released former OSU RB Mike Weber.   As you know, Andy Reid was just quoted as saying, "you can't have enough Michigan guys". Which is true. 

  • Funny how Pitino gets a new college job and then the NCAA hits Louisville with another notice of allegations with a possible show clause for Rick.  The block was clean and Michigan should be named 2013 National Champions. 

  • The Big Ten shuts down any team activities until at least 6/1.

  • Doug Nussmeier former cup of coffee OC at Michigan, son Garrett commits to LSU.  Garrett is a 4 star QB in the 2021 class.  


MichiganMan said...

lol..Why so quiet...maybe staying quiet Jim (Batman) and Dump Brown (Robin) can win a championship...or beat OSU or Win Big 10....

Fire both of them NOW!!

Blue for Life...Please, go after Urban Myers..there is a part of him wants to coach Michigan and who how its is done!!

Goose said...

Proof reading is a thing for a reason.

MichiganMan said...

Yes...you are write!!