Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Michigan Tuesday: Look At All These Rumors

There are a ton of rumors that the Big Ten is considering reversing their "cancel the fall season" decision.   As the SEC, ACC, Big 12, seem to be full steam ahead for a season.   I don't believe those rumors, yes it would seem like the wrong choice to cancel if the other Big 5 leagues move forward with little to no incidents.   With that said, UNC just sent students home after a week on campus due to too many new cases.   Oklahoma Football had 9 players comeback positive after a break.  The heart condition concern also isn't any different then it was a week ago.  

As I have stated a 100 times, I think having football is going to fall apart when students get back on campus.   With that said, it seems to make sense to keep students home, do 100% online, keep athletes on campus in a large bubble, and give it a go.  Yes, there is risk when a 100 people from another school has a football game against your 100 people, but it would seem less of a risk with the above idea.   What the hell do I know?  Nothing. 

  • This is old news, but in today's age its quite remarkable to keep a transfer quiet.  But that is actually what happened when graduate transfer Elijah Pierre moved from Brown to Ann Arbor.   Elijah is a 6'1 300 pound DT and fills a back-up position of need if the Wolverines ever see the field.   He had 13 tackles, 4.5 TFL's, and 3 sacks last season.  Welcome Big Man! 

  • Michigan has been getting a ton of CB predictions for 2021 PG from NV Frankie Collins.  He is rated at as a 4 star and #57th player in the country to the composite.   Might be on commit watch. 

  • Juwan's son Jace will wear his number 25 at Michigan

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Kid Adorable said...

Collins set his commitment date for Wednesday, so we don't actually have to watch for too long.