Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Wolverine Wednesday: Oh Wisconsin

The Big Ten's nightmare started today as Wisconsin has had an outbreak of 12 positives, which has led to the cancelation of their game against Nebraska on Saturday.   Wisconsin will be shut down for 7 days, which puts it's next game against Purdue in jeopardy as well.   Michigan of course will host Wisconsin in less then 3 weeks.  Even head coach Paul Chryst has tested positive.  

Now the concern goes to Illinois who played Wisconsin on Friday night.   Per Wisconsin the tests didn't start showing up positive until Saturday, which could mean they were exposed after the game.  Illinois hosts Purdue on Saturday, who expects to have their head coach back from quarantine.   I guess the 21 day rule is only for players and not coaches.  

Every Big Ten team should take this as a huge lesson that any championship team could be shot down very quickly with this virus.  Michigan Football players can't be too careful.  If one player goes to the wrong Halloween party, the season and entire team could go down.  Don't be that guy. 

  • Former OSU QB Terrelle Pryor, received 90 days' probation in return for a guilty plea to a harassment charge in Allegheny County, PA Court on Tuesday.

  • Former Michigan RB Kareem Walker is in the transfer portal again. His latest stop was at Mississippi State. 

  • Congratulations to the LA Dodgers. 


MichiganMan said...

Shut down the season it's not even worth playing every other game.... Kareem Walker ruined by Harbaugh

Goose said...

Covid is an absolute sham. Play the season fill the stadium's. 99.6% of us will be totally fine. Scary right! Michigan man you suck!

M Don said...

Stay positive there kid. Actual evidence doesn't correlate with what you're saying on both fronts. If Walker was so good he would have caught on elsewhere and distinguished himself. He hasn't done much of anything at multiple locations and that lies with himself more than anyone. Don't blame others for problems or faults. Accept them or change them... personal responsibility. Go Blue!!

szanreno said...

If it was an "absolute sham" wouldn't 100% of us be fine instead of 99.6%.

Goose said...

Touche. Allow me to rephrase. It's enough of of a shame that destroying our economy & putting thousands on unemployment is unjustified. Just my opinion though.

GoBlueBaby said...

Agreed, Walker didn't do much at all in any of his opportunities. I wish him the best. As for COVID, I had it. You DON'T want to get it. Trust me when I say that. I lost 18 pounds in 18 days when I had it. GO BLUE!