Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Michigan Tuesday: Might Have Jumped The Gun

The NFL side of things happened on Black Monday but there wasn't any new news on Jimmy or his future in the NFL.   There was a ton of virtual interviews on Monday but Harbaugh's name didn't pop up as one of them for any of the openings.  

NFL Jobs Currently Open:

  • Detroit Lions - I don't expect this to be a Harbaugh destination
  • Houston Texans - Have said they are not going to hire a college coach. 
  • Jacksonville Jags - Doesn't seem likely as they have focused in on Meyer. 
  • NY Jets - Reports Harbaugh is interested, I see zero proof the Jets are. 
  • Atlanta Falcons - Nothing about Harbaugh and this opening 
  • LA Chargers - There are rumblings Harbaugh has a relationship in the front office, he also has been in California for a couple weeks on vacation.  I expect this is the job Harbaugh would want.  I have yet to see any indication that the Chargers want him.  
The NFL can't fill a job like the University of Texas did over the weekend, many times this process takes a week or more.  Doing virtual interviews might speed up that process a bit.   A further complication is 4 of those six openings don't have a GM.   I'm pretty sure you don't hire Jimmy with out a GM as Jimmy needs to be "your guy", if you're a new GM.  

Jimmy doesn't have an agent, just a lawyer who helps him with offers, etc.  That small circle can keep things quiet, but at this point there doesn't seen to be any serious smoke that any NFL team is interested.   Of course NFL teams are following the Rooney Rule and interviewing minority candidates first, but most of the interview requests or one that have been completed are current NFL coordinators.    

Word on the Street............

- Urban Meyer looking for $12M a year has been proven false by Ian Rapoport.
- John U. Bacon says that his contacts are saying they don't know what Jimmy is going to do.  Harbaugh is expected to be back today in Ann Arbor from California.  Expects it 80% Michigan - 20% NFL right now. 
- A somewhat connected Toledo TV Sports Director says his contacts are saying Jimmy is looking hard at the NFL.  This guy is also close to Matt Campbell from his time at Toledo. 

-Sam Webb is hinting at a new deadline for the extension to be completed.  

My $.02:

I can't see this dance going on too much longer.   Harbaugh needs to make a decision and should know by now if the NFL is interest or not.   If there really is a low buy out on the new contract, what is the risk of him signing a new 5-6 year deal with Michigan?  

Michigan also needs to make some major changes on his staff.  There is a ton of work that needs to be done and it pretty much has to be this week.   If Harbaugh is stalling, Warde better be on the phone with Campbell's agent to be gauging interest and salary demands.  

I guess the reports about the assistant coaches meeting on Monday were false.  If guys were let go, that news would have leaked somewhere.  

  • The Big Ten might consider renaming the Freshman of the Week,  to The Hunter Dickinson Award.  
  • Michigan Football lost their Director of Football Operations to Illinois as  Mark Taurisani took a new role.
  • One story I overlooked this weekend, is former Michigan S&C assistant coach Tank Wright is now the new Director of S&C for Illinois.  Both Tank and Mark worked for Brett Bielema in the past.  


Voice of Reason said...

To me when I look at the tea leaves and I see Tank Wright go to Illinois as their new S&C Director for Illinois instead of Ben Herbert it tells me that Coach Harbaugh is staying. As you know when the head coach leaves a team it is usually a co-terminus understanding with the rest of the staff (in other words when the Keystone block leaves the other blocks leave/falls with it). Staff normally look for security and it would be gambling for the S&C to stay and "hope" that the new HC won't bring his own staff including his current H&C guy with him. Harbaugh is staying. IMHO!!!

GoBlueBruce said...

Do we really want Harbaugh if he wants an NSF position? Maybe it is time to look for another head coach that really wants to be the Michigan football head coach.

Lobo4713 said...

One thing nobody mentions is that Jim has a contract. He doesn't have to sign an extension. Why would he sign up for a five year deal worth with less money with incentives he's never met? But then why would he fire Don brown if he wasn't going to stay? Because he knows nobody will sign on without him having a long term contract. This forces Ward's hand. Fire Jim and pay him. OR Give Jim a better contract OR let Jim play out the contract which means no DC next year. Game - set - match