Friday, April 16, 2021

Michigan Friday: A Worthy Exit?

Xavier Worthy one of the best WR's in the last recruiting class has decided he doesn't want to be in Ann Arbor or the admission office doesn't want him in Ann Arbor.  

What we know:

  • Admissions would not let him in during January's early enrollment 
  • He is good friends with Giles Jackson, who just left for UW 
  • He thought about going to Alabama to play in Sark's offense 
  • Alabama signed 5 top WR's and Xavier signed with Michigan
  • Stephen Ambrose Sarkisian is now the head coach at Texas and needs talent
I don't know if admissions who shut the door on who, but this is a big loss for the freshman recruiting class.   My guess is the coaches were doing everything they could to get him on campus and there were even reports he was in Ann Arbor ready to move it, when the door closed.

There is really 2 ways to feel about this:

- How are we going to beat Ohio State, when we can't get athletes like this on campus?
- Worthy has always been a flip flopper and probably wouldn't have stayed anyway.  

Does Michigan look to the transfer portal for another WR now?

  • What are the Raiders doing?  They released BHB favorite Mo Hurst yesterday.   I hope he finds a better team soon.  
  • Official visits start again on 6/1
  • Matt Weis thinks Cade McNamara will play 10 years in the NFL
  • As expected Livers is leaving Michigan and heading to the NBA Draft.  He still have 1/2 a year recovery on his broken foot after surgery. 

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