Monday, October 31, 2011

Michigan Monday: The Race to Indy is a Mess

Just when you thought we knew who was heading to Indianapolis, Saturday happened. 

  • Wisconsin lost again on a long pass with a few seconds left.
  • MSU rolled over against Nebraska 
  • Iowa lost to Minnesota (how did that happen?)
  • Penn State is up by 2 games in the Leaders division over OSU and Wisconsin
  • Illinois was ranked in the top 25 and now have lost 3 in a row
I think the #1 thing to look at is the remaining schedule of each team in the race.   Michigan State has all their tough Big Ten games behind them.  The only possible loss could be Iowa on the road. 

Penn State hasn't played anyone yet but after a bye they finish against Nebraska, OSU and Wisconsin.   Even though PSU is 5-0 they are barley beating poor teams.   Example is a 16-10 win over Indiana. 

Big Ten teams are not playing well on the road and we have a ton of examples.  Wisconsin the last two weeks, Michigan at MSU, Nebraska at Wisconsin, MSU against ND & Nebraska and Iowa losing to Minnesota last weekend.  

In the Leaders division, MSU has the schedule advantage with Minn and IU at home and Iowa and Northwestern on the road.   MSU will have to play better on the road if they are going to get to Indy.  In 3 games they have scored a total of 26 points and have gone 1-2.

Michigan has a difficult schedule with includes road games to Iowa and Illinois and home against Nebraska and OSU.   Nebraska has Northwestern and Iowa at home and Michigan and PSU on the road. 

Someone is going to have to win on the road to punch their ticket to the house that Payton built.

How would you rate the Big Ten Team right now?  This is tough

#1  Wisconsin - Still think they are the best all around team.  Need better defense under a minute.
#2  Nebraska - Could make a case for #1
#3 Michigan State
#4 Michigan
#5 OSU
#6 Penn State
#7: Illinois
#8: Iowa
#9: Purdue
#10: Northwestern
#11: Minnesota
#12: Indiana

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