Thursday, April 18, 2024

Michigan Thursday: Lots of Info

This is mega news and notes today as there seems to be a lot of information in the wind about the Wolverines Football and Basketball programs.  

  • Cristian Dixon hit the portal after the WR to CB didn't work out.  He was a 4-star WR that never worked out.  Michigan needs a WR in the portal for an offense that just lost a top NFL Draft pick (probably) and doesn't want money.  That is going to be hard to find. Good luck to Cristian at his next stop. 
  • Michigan has offered a DT in the portal from Kent State who is from the same Illinois HS as JJ and Tyler Morris. 
  • FAU's top player Johnell Davis is not expected to join Dusty in Ann Arbor and looks to be headed to the NBA Draft. 
  • Former Wolverine Big Man Tarris Reed has transferred to Back-to-Back National Champions UConn Huskies.  Congrats to Mr. Reed! 
  • Dusty is expected to have these visitors on campus this weekend.  Auburn's Tre Donaldson and Roddy Gayle Jr from that school in Columbus. 
  • Mike Sainristil and Jaylen Harrell are throwing out the first pitch today at the Tigers game. 
  • Scottie Pippen's kid is a 2024 recruit and is expected to announce his decision no Friday. 
  • Reports are Michigan Football will be looking to kick the tires in the portal for a QB, Big WR, CB, Safety, DT and a TE. 
  • Pro Football Talk says "everything is up in the air" for Dax Hill in the Bengals secondary.  Isn't everything up in the air for a DB?
  • UCLA WR Kyle Ford has Michigan in his top 6.  He could step into the #1 WR role in Ann Arbor.  I won't hold my breathe. 
  • Freddie Moore is getting some nice buzz out of Spring Ball at WR. 
  • Miami LB Commit Elijah Melendez was blown away about his visit to Michigan.
  • QB commit Carter Smith will be in town for 5 days this week.  Carter is recruiting hard for his future team. 
  • Two players we are not expected to see on Saturday due to injury: Cabana and Tuttle. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Wolverine Wednesday: Thanks NCAA, Now Get Lost

Jim Harbaugh bought a kid a cheeseburger during COVID 4 years ago.  He didn't recall that purchase when the NCAA asked him about it. The NCAA found a receipt for said cheeseburger and now we are here.  So 4 years after the cheeseburger crime, The NCAA has put Michigan Football program on a 3 year probation, given 5 coaches Level 2 Show Clause, some recruiting restrictions, and a fine.  Everyone agreed to these terms except Jim Harbaugh who is now in the NFL and could care less about NCAA and its cheeseburger rules.  By the way, nobody cares.  This was a blip in sports news and will be dead today. 

What does this mean for Conner Stalions and his vacuum re-sale program? Who the hell knows.  The NCAA hasn't even sent Michigan a notice of allegations yet, which means we are probably 4-5 years out from them adjudicating on something that has already been adjudicated. 

  • Denard has been suspended indefinitely 
  • Michigan Basketball and Football seem to be doing good work in recruiting circles but no commits yet.  
  • Keep an eye on St. Mary Guard Aidan Mahaney (who is now in the portal) and Michigan. Aidan averaged nearly 14 points a game and considered one of the best guards in that conference. Yes, Please.
  • On Saturday, I really hope Will Johnson, Donovan Edwards, and Mason Graham are all healthy in street clothes helping coach one of the teams.

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Michigan Tuesday: Football Coaches and Staff Need an Uber Account

Warde needs to consider giving the Michigan coaches and staff another job benefit.  An Uber account that they can use anytime.  A few weeks ago, newly hired DL coach Greg Scruggs was arrested for driving under the influence then resigned.  Now Denard Robinson has also been arrested for the same thing and got into an accident. 

I feel terrible for the Michigan legend and also mad at him.  It is so easy getting an Uber or a Lyft when your out drinking or entertaining.  He is a Michigan legend and probably doesn't have to buy many drinks when he is out.  Having too many drinks is probably easy to do.  Hitting that Uber App needs to be the play.   If you remember when Denard was with the JAX Jags he drove his car into a small lake.  

Things need to change and Sherrone's head coaching experience is getting an early HR test.  The Michigan coaches and staff need to make better decisions when they are out or it could cost them their career or something worse. 

Today marks an important date for Michigan Football.  The Spring Transfer Portal is now open and Michigan has needs and must protect its current roster.  Top needs include depth at CB, Safety, and a starting WR.  The portal is open until April 30th. 

  • Dusty brings in two more assistant coaches and this time its from his FAU staff in Drew Williamson and Kyle Church.  Staff should be solid now.  Call a UBER! 
  • Speaking of Dusty is seems 2024 guard recruit Justin Pippin is starting to trend to Michigan.  Yes, that is Scottie's son. 
  • Michigan QB commit Carter Smith is performing well at the Elite 11 Orlando camp. 

Monday, April 15, 2024

Michigan Monday: Happy For the Wagner's

Franz and his brother Mo are both proud former Michigan Wolverine Basketball players.  They also play together for the Orlando Magic.  Last night they got to celebrate together as the Magic secured the #5 seed in the NBA Playoffs.  The Magic will face the Cleveland Cav's in the first round.  Congrats to the Wagner's and Michigan's professional team, which also includes Jett Howard and Caleb Houstan. 

Today is Tax Day and the Master's is over.  I always get a little sad when Masters week comes to an end.  It's such a good event, Scottie Scheffler plays some incredible golf, but I was really hoping for a large playoff when there were like 4 guys tied at -6. 

  • This is Spring Game week for the National Champions.  The thing everyone will be watching is who steps up at QB. 
  • The Spring Game is also the best recruiting day of the Spring.  Let's hope we get great visitors and even some commits. 
  • Speaking of recruiting, Dusty continues to be very busy, but no commits yet. Oakland star Trey Townsend was expected on campus on Sunday. 
  • Chip Kelly and Jim Knowles are both making over $2M at year.  Those contracts won't be worth 10 cents if they don't beat the Wolverines this season.