Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Wolverine Wednesday: Michigan Recruiting Is In Trouble

Michigan has the perfect storm happening right now in recruiting, as it's highest ranked recruit, LB Raylen Wilson just decommitted last night.    

First, the Raylen thing wasn't a surprise and has been predicted by insider for months.   Everyone and their brother knew it was coming.    

What's going on? 

 Let's be honest here, it’s the money.  This has been going on in the shadows for years but now has come into the light.   Some QB getting nearly $10M to sign with Miami is just stupid cash.   Michigan always could stand up and say, "we aren't cheating the system, we are a clean program".   Well, now everyone can do it and Michigan is on record of saying they won't pay players to come to Michigan.   Which means the top recruits, will not be coming to Michigan.   $10M is a lot different than the $250K Clemson offered Rashaun Gary.  Ryan Day is asking its boosters for $13M just to keep his current roster together and the NCAA is losing power and respect each and every day.   

 Jimmy's vision quest into the NFL didn't help matters either.  He has shot down NFL rumors for years, but after he interviewed, things looks different to recruits and their families.   

 Next, the coordinator turnover didn't help.   I will be the first person to stand on a soap box and say that Josh Gattis was running Jimmy's offense last year but the guy could recruit and connect with players.   A brand-new OC and DC is not helping matters in building long term relationships with recruits.   
Lastly, losing Courtney Morgan to Washington.  This issue seemed like it could have been resolved with a few more dollars, but Courtney jumped right in the middle of the Jimmy to the NFL situation and at that time it just seemed he was being proactive.   

Right now, Michigan has the 55th ranked 2023 recruiting class in the country.   I don't ever remember Michigan having a class ranked so low, even in the Rich Rod years.    There is trouble brewing and Michigan doesn't have a viable solution to fix it.  

  • Coach B and Chris Weber went into the Michigan Hall of Fame! 

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Michigan Tuesday: Picks Up First 2024 Commitment

Michigan picked up their first 2024 commitment from 4-star LB Mason Curtis from TN on Monday.   Mason has the most LB name ever and will make his impact felt in a few years in Ann Arbor.  Mason is 6'4 and a light 200 pounds right now, the kid is just a high school junior so he has plenty of time to add weight to his tall frame.  

Michigan has done well in TN lately, with current players Kody Jones, Myles Pollard, and Junior Colson all from the Volunteer State.  24/7 has Mason ranked as the 14th ranked LB in the country and #2 player in TN.   Welcome Big Man! 

Michigan which is lacking in 2023 recruits and current class ranks 44th on 24/7 team rankings, is hoping for a huge July with commitments from a number of players.  

Monday, June 27, 2022

Golf Trip Report: StreamSong Resort

There are a ton of great golf resorts in the US but I have a Mount Rushmore list.   Those are Pebble, Pinehurst, Bandon Dunes, and Whistling Straits.   I've been to 2 of 4 on that list and it might be time to let StreamSong into the party.  

Here are the details:

Stream has 3 courses on property Blue, Red, and Black and all 3 rank in the top "courses you can play in the US" by Golf Week and Golf Digest.  

The resort has a new feel as it was built in 2014 and the rooms are modern and big.  It has a SPA and a very nice Infinity pool that overlooks a lake.   While at the pool, you can buy bio-degradable golf balls to try to hit a 75-yard manmade island green in the lake to score a free beer. 

There are other things you can do at the resort, but let's be clear, everyone is here to golf.   The issue is, to say this resort "is in the middle of nowhere" is an understatement.   Bowling Green, FL is in the middle of the state and the resort sits a half an hour away from anything.  There literally isn't a gas station close to this resort.  If you're looking for nightlife outside the resort, you will be disappointed.  

The restaurants are nice but pricey as they got you locked in.   They do have a roof top bar, but this isn't Vegas.   The one thing that is missing is a coffee area, where you could pick up a Starbucks and a bagel before a round.    They want to push you to a restaurant for real breakfast, but if you're like me you want to get something quick and head to the range.  

The shuttle service is very strong and gets you to the courses and restaurants that are not at the main lodge.  None of the courses are at the main lodge/resort area. 


All 3 courses are very good and different.  Blue is more of a "players" course, where shot making is key and can be set up difficult.  Red, has more character/views and can be set up to a player's ability on which tees you play.   Black is more of a links course with crazy roller coaster greens, no water, and sand everywhere.  

StreamSong has a strong caddy program and walking is encouraged.  With that said, in Florida's summer heat, I don't recommend it.  We walked Blue the first day in 96-degree heat and got a pull cart.  Huge mistake!!!  StreamSong is built on soft sand and the paths have "beach like sand".   Try pushing or pulling a cart up and down hills in beach sand.  Even the riding carts get stuck!  Blue and Red are in the same area and we didn't see any other walkers during our 2 rounds there.   If you walk either course, (make sure the temperature is reasonable) carry your bag or hire a caddy to do it!!! 

Black is the last course we played and is very walkable.  In fact, the riding cart has to stay on the path for most of the course and walking is preferred.   If we had to do it over again, we would have taken a riding cart for Blue and Red and walked Black.  

The practice area/range is very nice and included in your round.   There are also free unlimited bottle waters on the course in coolers every 3 or 4 holes.  When you walk in the summer heat, you will go through 10-15 of these little waters.  

Caddy Program:

The caddy program is very strong at Stream.   For example, if you take a riding cart, a caddy is mandatory.  The only way to not take a caddy is if you carry your own bag or take a pull cart.  The carts don't have GPS, so the only way you get yardage is from the caddy, from the sprinkler heads, or via your own device.   We didn't hire a caddy the first day but the other folks in our group did and he worked with us as well.   Caddy's come a recommended tip sheet. 

$100 per golfer for double bag walking 
$25 per golfer for riding golf for 4 players
$40 per golfer for riding 2 players 

Depending on how you want to work your caddy schedule, you can really increase the cost of your round.  I really like grabbing a cart and trying to get a round in at 5:00 a night, but you really can't do that here. 

Book in Advance:

There are really good deals for Florida and Georgia residents in the summer but be careful of the schedule.  For example, the resort is closed for three weeks starting today, so they can work on the courses.  The courses might be opened with a limited schedule during the rest of the summer.  

If you come during the winter season, the cost will be much higher.   The resort is building a family course but right now their guests are 95% male.   The Black course also has a family friendly putting course.  

This resort should be on your golf bucket list and I hope the above information is useful to you.  


Michigan Monday: Basketball Thoughts

Since I was out late last week, I'm going to give you 2 posts today.   This will be your traditional Michigan post and I will also include a golf trip report for StreamSong, where I spent last weekend. 

2 Wolverines Drafted:

I'm a firm believer you don't leave college early if you're a 2nd round NBA draft pick.    Caleb Houstan and Moussa Diabate did just that.  Caleb was drafted early in the 2nd round to the Orlando Wolverines and Diabate was picked in the middle of the round by the Clippers.   Both will have to light up the Summer League to get a 2-way contract or they will be looking at least a year in the G-League.  I hope they're both successful!  Also, of note Eli Brooks has signed an exhibit 10 contract with the Pacers, which gives him a spot on the summer league team and a chance to make the G-League roster. 

Michigan finally filled the final spot on the roster on Sunday that was left by Caleb and Moussa.   With the 2022 recruiting class getting on campus for the first time this weekend, one guy jumped on the boat late and its international player Youseff Khayat.   Michigan was able to out recruit Maryland, Xavier, Wake, Georgetown, and DePaul for Khayat's services.  

I gave you a European scouting report last week, so here is another one:

"His main quality remains shooting, and even if his game is rather complete, he can already have a specialist role. His imposing physique also allows him a real hardness on the wings, which few players had this year in Espoirs. Very few have actually been able to put him in physical difficulty. Evolving most of the time away from the leather, he is able to go to the basket to finish in the circle, and this despite a dribble which remains one of the major areas for improvement. On a placed game, this dribble should allow him to navigate better, but in transition, he can already be impressive with the ball in hand and often appears difficult to defend once launched. We are waiting to see his progress next year, whether on the professional level in Europe or why not across the Atlantic, in the NCAA for example."

My favorite part of that report is, "his main quality remains shooting".  I love this pick-up and hope he fits into some playing time next season.  With the Duke transfer and this signing, I like how Juwan has filled the 2 openings. 

  • Instate super recruit 5-star QB Dante Moore visited Oregon over the weekend and the rumor mill is spinning that he is heading to Nike University.   With a QB recruit getting a reported $9.5M from Miami this NIL thing is getting out of hand and will hurt Michigan if it hasn't already.
  • Michigan Basketball will host Virgina in the ACC Challenge.