Saturday, November 26, 2022

Still in Shock

©Junfu Han, Detroit Free Press

So let me understand this, because I'm still not sure it makes sense in my brain.   Michigan was without its Heisman Trophy candidate running back, had 10 yards rushing in the 1st half, 5-star RB has a broken thumb and could only hold the ball with his left hand, Michigan's new power back is a LB that hadn't run an offensive play since the Spring Game, Michigan's best DE is not playing, Michigan's defense was pretty much giving up 7-10 yards per play, and Michigan won by more than 3 TD's?
That is madness and maybe one of the most unexpected outcomes in Michigan history.  Maybe the Cheers and Jeers can enlighten us?

  • Hello JJ, best game of his career 
  • Jesse "2nd half adjustment" Fucking Minter!
  • Michigan coaches clearing out the play book on offense
  • Donovan Edwards is the best player on offense 
  • Michigan's offensive line in the 2nd half 
  • COJO with the game of his career at Michigan 
  • Sainrlstil with the motivational talk, end zone pass break up, and good play 
  • McGregor played his best game in college
  • JJ's deep ball 
  • Loveland's blocking and TD catch 
  • Mullings had a QBR of 99.7
  • Barrett had 11 tackles and 5 solos 
  • 252 yards of rushing 
  • 278 passing 
  • Got 2 turnovers 
  • OSU had 9 penalties for 91 yards 
  • First win in Columbus in 22 years! 

  • 1 sack and Stroud had all day to throw 
  • OSU shut down the run game in the 1st half 
  • Bend but don't break defense was bending a lot 
  • OSU's LB turned RB was getting a ton of yards on the ground (he picked OSU over Michigan in the portal this off season)
  • Michigan had to go to the defense to find a power RB 
  • Harrison is really good 
  • I didn't love the idea of trying a 57-yard field goal up 11 
  • Fox really got mixed up a couple times on what was happening on the field
  • Fox was saying how smart Mullings is, when he had a mouth guard in and another hanging from his face mask.  😀

I was actually happy at the half that Michigan was down 3 points, it felt like the lead was much bigger and outside a couple big plays by Michigan, that the Wolverines had gotten outplayed most of the half.  I'm texting friends that Corum is clearly out and Michigan won't give it to Edwards with a broken thumb.  If we can't run the ball, we can't win.  

Then the 2nd half happened, the offensive line was getting a push, and Edwards was off to the races.  JJ played a good game, was accurate, and kept the Wolverines in the game until the running game found its footing.  He also made some important runs when Michigan didn't have a running game at all. 

Ok, I'm going to state this because we're all friends here, but I thought that Edwards might fumble due to his thumb injury and that would change the momentum in the game.  I'm not proud of that thought, but years of watching this game has burned too many images like that in my memory bank. 

Still hard to believe that game happened and it was 3 hours ago. 

Now on to Purdue and the Big Ten Championship game.  (thank you Nebraska for taking out Iowa)

Friday, November 25, 2022

Ohio State Preview

Time: 12:00
Location: Ohio Stadium 
Weather: 50, no rain 
TV: Fox (Johnson & Klatt)
Line: Michigan +8

Michigan last win in Columbus was in the year 2000.  Remember that year, when we thought, every computer was going to seize up and cause the world economy and power grid to collapse?  That was a long time ago.

Michigan did remove the monkey off their back, last year by beating the Buckeyes in Ann Arbor by doing 2 things really well;  Running the ball and pressuring the QB.  Now, it's time to see if the Wolverines can do it again.  Everyone knows what's at stake, but the Big Ten Championship game and CFP are secondary to being the winner in the best rivalry in college football.  

Dear Jimmy, 
Here we are again the day before The Game.  This time you're taking your undefeated Wolverines down to Ohio to face the undefeated Buckeyes.  For people in the media and those that aren't close to this rivalry, they will talk about all the stakes that are associated with this game.  For those of us that live with this rivalry all our lives, those things don't matter come noon on Saturday.  It's just Michigan vs. Ohio State and nothing else matters.  

I really like the team you have put on the field this year, your offense line and running game is exactly what a Michigan team should be.  Your defense doesn't have superstars but it has the will and the ability to do whatever needs to be done to win the game.   It's time to see how good your team really is.  

The last few weeks, I've had concerns about Michigan looking ahead and not taking their current opponent seriously, I believe those concerns were well founded.   I'm now concerned with two issues going into The Game: Where's the pass rush?  Michigan will not win on Saturday if you let Stroud have time to pick apart the Michigan secondary.  If Minter can't scheme a rush, this will be a long day for our beloved program.  Secondly, Ohio State's going to load the box and ask JJ, and the Michigan TE's and WR's to beat them.   I know that is everyone's plan that lines up against the Michigan offense and nobody yet has succeeded.   The problem is neither of your two superstar RB's are healthy.   Corum is having a Heisman finalist type of year and Edwards might be the best offensive player you have.  We hope they both play but they have to dominate for a Michigan win.   The back-ups won't be able to get the job done.  

I know I'm preaching to the choir about those two issues, but it's important for you to know us fans recognize it and hope you have a great plan on both sides of the ball.  Ohio State has NFL WR's all over the field, just like last year, and there is talk about Harrison going #1 in the NFL Draft.  This game is really going to show if Jesse Minter is a defensive wizard or not.  He has to come up with the best scheme and defensive plan of his life, to shut down this offense.  

I love this team and want nothing more than a Michigan win on Saturday.  As I write this post my head and heart are in complete conflict.   I want to see the exact outcome that we had last year, but I just don't see it with all the injuries Michigan has.  When you take Michigan's best players off the field, your team becomes a team that needs a field goal to beat Illinois and not one that can upset the #2 team in the nation on the road.  I don't see Michigan being able to keep pace with Ohio State's offensive skill players.  Your program has to score multiple touchdowns in the red zone and not just field goals.  Please make me look stupid for this prediction and play Michigan Football. 

Ohio State 31 Michigan 20

Thursday, November 24, 2022

Big Ten Preview Week 13

It's the final weekend of the Big Ten season.  I really can't believe how fast this season went.  I'm still in some disbelief that it will be over on Saturday at 7:00.  The Big Ten has a potentially embarrassing Big Ten West Champion if Iowa beats Nebraska on Friday.  If they win, they're in, if they lose, Purdue would go if they can beat Indiana.   Iowa has been mocked nationally for their terrible offense and could back into another trip to Indy.  If Purdue goes, nobody cares. 

Nebraska @ Iowa (-10.5) Do you think the Big Ten will have a bunch of referees that live in Lincoln to officiate this game?  When the Big Ten finally gets rid of these divisions, Iowa will fade into irrelvancy.  Nebraska 14 Iowa 9

Rutgers @ Maryland (-14) Maryland Football motto should be, almost! These are very similar teams and Tua 2 is banged up.  Rutgers 14 Maryland 21

Illinois (-14) @ Northwestern: Brett Bielema has a decent team that has lost 3 games in a row.  How they're not in Inday is criminal.  Northwestern should be traded to the Ivy League for a super computer or something.  Illinois 24 Northwestern 7

Minnesota @ Wisconsin (3.5) This could be a good game.  Wisconsin looks to have a new head coach, which is the old DC and Row the Boat could be on the move with all these job openings.  This game should take about an hour and a half to play.   Minnesota 21 Wisconsin 20 

Purdue (-10.5) @ IU The Boilermakers will know if they are playing for a short car ride to Indy or a week off before kickoff.  Let's hope this game is for something.  Purdue 31 IU 24

MSU @ #11 PSU (-18) Tuck is comin and going to the bank with that contract.  If Sparty can't pull a major upset he will be going on vacation and not to a bowl game.  Which has to be quite embarrassing to the Spartan faithful that played in a major bowl game last year.   Sparty overpaid his contract twice and now it's a problem.   Penn State looks like maybe the Citrus Bowl or Cotton Bowl.  PSU 31 MSU 10

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Wolverine Wednesday: Turkey Eve News and Notes

  • Remember that high school coach from Belleville that Jimmy was having issues with?  He has been fired and suspended from coaching any sport in the State of Michigan for 2 years.  His team is also playing in the HS State Final on Saturday.  
  • Ryan Hayes and Ronnie Bell have both accepted an invite to the Senior Bowl, meaning they will not be returning to Ann Arbor next year. 
  • EA Sports College Football won't come out until next year.  As the legend of Denard continues as the last athlete on the cover of the football game for at least another year.  
  • For some reason, I love coaching searches in college football.  Nebraska has lost three candidates in about 24 hours.  Matt Rhule reportedly turned down an offer from Nebraska and Leaping Lance Leipold has signed a contract extension with Kansas.  UW also gave new head coach Kalen DeBoer a $1M more a year and an extension.  His name was also being thrown around the Nebraska opening.  The two names left seem to be Jeff Monken (Army) and Gary Patterson (former TCU coach).  Both guys can coach but I don't think either name will make the Nebraska fans happy. 
  • Lane Kiffin seems still to be the leader in the clubhouse for the Auburn job.  He told his team he has not accepted another gig.  It seems he wants to protect the Egg Bowl which is played tomorrow.  Hugh Freeze is another name that is tied to the Auburn opening.  Just make sure he doesn't have a school cell phone for his late-night hook ups. 
  • Ed McCaffrey has been fired at Northern Colorado.  Dylan ended up not being a very good QB and probably should've been a TE or WR. 
  • Seems schools are staying away from Coach Prime due to his involvement in the Prime Academy, a charter school that failed and Deion had to be removed from the staff.  I had no idea about that back story. 
  • Former MSU Basketball walk-on and now Billionaire Mat Ishbia gave MSU $14M for Mel Tucker's 10-year $95M contract.  I wonder how much he is going to pay to get MSU out of that contract.  
  • Hutch has been named the NFC Defensive Player of the Week! 
  • Eli Brooks is playing for the Fort Wayne Mad Ants and was two assists away from a triple double last night. 
  • Michigan is trending for 2024 3-star WR Channing Goodwin a legacy recruit 
  • Speaking of recruiting, Michigan has some work to do in the 2023 class as we are a few weeks away from the early signing period and Michigan has the 22nd ranked class on 24/7.
  • LeBron sent the Buckeyes, new LeBron cleats for the game this weekend.  On a side note, Michigan wears Jordan's.  (which outsells LeBron's shoes by 10x)