Friday, April 9, 2021

Michigan Friday: Daelin Hayes Should Do Stand-up

Hayes is a former DE from ND that is preparing for the NFL Draft.  He played his HS Football at Orchard Lake St. Mary’s.  He was recently quoted as saying, "The best players in Michigan go to Norte Dame".   Which is laugh out loud funny.    If Daelin doesn't make it in the NFL, he will be welcome at the Laugh Factory or the Funny Bone anytime he likes. 

  • Speaking of funny:  At the Masters yesterday, while hitting an approach shot out out the trees,  Rory Milroy hit his father with his shot in the butt.   Jalen's brother Justin Rose is leading after the 1st round. 😀
  • Giles Jackson might not be done playing in the Big House as the rumor is he is heading to Washington, which is Michigan's week 2 opponent next season.
  • Franz is still considered a lottery pick after his poor performance against UCLA.   I expect he will announce his decision that he is going to the NBA soon. 

Have a good weekend and enjoy the Masters! 

Thursday, April 8, 2021

Michigan Thursday: Welcome to Masters Thursday

One of my favorite times of the year, watching the Masters this weekend.  If you haven't been, its a special place and a bucket list for every golfer. 

My two picks this week are Justin Thomas and Jon Rahm. 

  • Mike Smith turns pro.  Good for him and good luck.  My guess is he will line up something overseas.  
  • Tough month for the Miller's as both brothers lost their jobs at IU and now Arizona.  Coach B is a name that has been tied to Arizona's opening and a great pick to clean up a dirty program.  
  • Illinois Ayo has decided to also go pro and of course is an NBA prospect. 
  • Michigan Football has added CMU and New Mexico to the 2025 schedule.
  • Tiger Woods crash was due to excessive speed.  Tell us something we didn't know. 

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Wolverine Wednesday: Ken says #3 and AP #4

Michigan Basketball had a very nice season and finished #3 in KenPom and #4 in the AP.  I hope this is just the ground work for more championships to come. !

Below is the section where I ask myself questions because its Wednesday:

What worries you about Michigan Offense (football) next year?  Its the QB position for sure.  Michigan has been struggling at this position for what seems 2 decades? Is it the Tom Brady curse?  The buzz out of Spring practice is that JJ has shown flashes but still a freshman and learning.  That Cade is the clear starter sitting here in April.  

What makes you the most excited about the offense?  Mike Hart and his running backs.  He clearly has a young talented room with a ton of speed.   If he can them to cut like Mike did, Michigan's offense could be more run than pass next season.  

Which unit has the most upside?  Its a tie for me on the offensive line and WR's.  Both groups have talent and are pretty deep.   Both groups need big years. 

Who should use the COVID year and return to Michigan Basketball? Chaundee and Eli only.  They both give the young guards some room to grow and fit into the system.  Franz is gone (IMO) and if the NBA is not scared by Livers foot injury, then he will be gone as well.   I loved Mike this year but I think Michigan needs to move to the younger point guards.  

I wish Warde would throw his weight around and get better things for Michigan. There was zero reason for Michigan to play at 10:00 on Tuesday.  He should of questioned that with the NCAA and CBS/TNT.  ND said they wouldn't play in the Rose Bowl and that quickly changed.  

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Michigan Tuesday: 2 Portal Entries and Baylor Dominates

Michigan's Spring Practice has been very quiet.  Yes, they've been doing it over many weeks and installing a new defense.  So guys are seeing the writing on the wall and jumping into the portal to look for greener pastures.   There is roughly over 1000 players in the portal and not everyone is going to get a spot.  

The next two Wolverines that want to look for a new opportunity are DB Hunter Reynolds and LB William Mohan.   Hunter is best known for his social justice stands and trying to navigate the NCAA through the COVID shut down.  During that time, he showed that he is a leader off the field.  

The loss of the Viper role in the new defense is clear why Mohan is leaving.  He was recruited as a Viper and will look for a similar role at his new location.   He was looking a LB two deep that didn't include him and might not for many years.  

These guys will be missed but neither was expected to play a role on this year's team success on the field. 


Baylor dominated Gonzaga last night.  I think there are two reasons for that.  #1 Baylor is more athletic  - #2 The Zags were gassed from Saturday night.   Even if The Bulldogs where fully rested I think Baylor beats them 9 out of 10 times.   The Bears were just better last night and it wasn't even close. 

I can't predict how Michigan would have fared against either team.  If they have Livers and play they way they're capable, they are in both games.  If they play like they did against UCLA or Illinois, they get run out of the building.   

Michigan should be a top 5 team in the nation next year and won't be sneaking up on anyone.   It will be interesting to see who stays and who goes.  

  • Long time MSU assistant and brother of Dugan, Dane Fife is heading to IU (where he played) to be the top assistant.