Friday, February 23, 2024

Michigan Tuesday - Friday: Catch Up

Sorry Big House Blog readers, I had a business trip where I thought I would be able to find extra time to write the blog this week.   That clearly didn't happen, my apologies.

  • Will Johnson has been rumored to be getting huge NIL offers from other schools like Alabama.  His family says he is staying in Ann Arbor!  Thank you!  He also said on IG that he will be in the new NCAA 2025 that is expected to be released this summer. 
  • Donovan Edwards also signs an NIL deal with EA Sports and is expected to be in the game and endorse it.
  • Speaking of Alabama, you know that Keon Sabb transferred there early this week.  He had a great game against Alabama in the Rose Bowl, but the coaching staff now of course is from UW.  I'm sure there was 0 tapering going on here and everything was above board.  😠
  • Former Michigan LB coach twice, Chris Partridge has gotten a job with the Seattle Seahawks, I love how Mike MacDonald has taken care of his boys.   I know it was a messy break up with Chris, but I think he is a good coach that players love. 
  • Adrian Peterson who I walked by at the National Championship is having some money issues. 
  • Mazi Smith's didn't pay for his storage locker and some lucky guy got a ton of his old Michigan Jordan PE shoes, Legos and much more.  The guy who won the auction is going to make a killing.  That is my kind of Storage Wars! 
  • Jim seems to be hiring USC RB coach Kiel McDonald for the same role with the Chargers.  That should but to bed that rumor about Mike Hart.  
  • The hits keep coming for Michigan Basketball as Nkamhoua is out for the rest of the season with a wrist injury. 
  • Michigan Basketball also dropped another game to Northwestern.  

Monday, February 19, 2024

Michigan Monday: Gets a Waiver

Jack Tuttle was the break glass if there was an emergency.   Michigan needed a QB with playing experience if JJ somehow got hurt in Michigan's run to a National Championship.  Its seems that very thing happened but JJ played through injury against Maryland and Michigan snuck out with a win.  

Jack saw a huge opportunity for him next season but was out of eligibility.   Either way he was going to stay with the program as a GA assistant or maybe the starting QB.  He got part one of his wish over the weekend as his waiver for another year got approved.     

Spring Ball will start to dictate whose Michigan's starter at QB next season, but you have to assume that Jack's playing experience might give him a slight edge over Orji at the moment.   I could see a situation where multiple QB's play during the season. 

  • In another move that is different from the Harbaugh days.  Sherrone hired Zach Higgenbotham as the Director of Football Sports and Science.  I have no idea what it means but it sound very cool. 
  • No need to discuss the Michigan - MSU Basketball game over the weekend.  
  • Michigan walk-on Jerome Nichols who got 11 snaps in 4 years has transferred to Florida A&M.
  • Roy Rountree got a new gig as the WR coach for Miami of Ohio.

Friday, February 16, 2024

Michigan Friday: A Double Hit at DB

When you try to hire good young coaches, their current employers get upset and sharpen their pencils.  That happened yesterday when Stephen Adegoke decided to stay with the Texans after accepting the job of DB coach at Michigan.  That is a tough one. 

Update: Michigan is hiring Louisiana defensive coordinator LaMar Morgan as defensive backs coach.   This is a good hire and the Jesse Minter recommendation.  This now completes the hiring process for Michigan's on-field coaching staff.  I'm sure there will still be other off the field staff still to be hired. 

Then news comes out that Keon Sabb has entered the transfer portal.  Word is Sabb did not expect that both Moore and Paige would return.  So Sabb is probably looking for more playing time (no pun intended).  Keon had 28 tackles and 2 picks this past season.  This is another tough loss. 

  • There continues to be concern for Mike Hart and the private matter he is going through.  Mike is one of my favorite Michigan players of all time and I hope his situation has a positive outcome and he can return soon.  Please keep a good thought for Mike and his family. 
  • Now some good news: Brad Hawkins is expected to come back to Ann Arbor and be a GA on Coach Moore's staff. 

Thursday, February 15, 2024

Michigan Thursday: Bob's Random Thoughts

Sherrone is close to rounding out the defensive side of the football after Jim pillaged that entire coaching staff.  Let us not forget, this is Michigan's #1 unit next season.  The likes of Graham, Stewart, Grant, and Johnson will be 4 of the best players in college football next season. 

I like the hire of Texans Safety coach Stephen Adegoke, when he was in Ann Arbor as a GA in 2021.  He impressed coaches and players with his football knowledge.  He then went to the 49'ers and last year with the Texan's.  Reports are his interview was a home run and sounds like a perfect fit for the staff.  

The last spot at LB coach is Brian Jean-Mary's for the taking.  Reports are Tennessee is really trying hard to keep him him but Michigan's financial package is strong.   Update: Sam Webb reports BJM has been hired! 

You know how I feel about the Wink hire but the rest of the hires have been very solid and happy with the replacements.  When you see Steve Wilks fired from the 49'ers yesterday, my mind went to, he would've been a better option then Wink,  But, I'm trying to move on. 

Speaking of moving on, Tony Petitti says he and Warde have moved on.  Guess what Tony, we haven't.  You showed incompetence as a leader by suspending Harbaugh hours before the Penn State game and Michigan fans haven't forgot.   If I were you, I would still continue to polish up that resume. 

Random thought: There are a lot of Buckeye fans excited about Chip Kelly having elite talent mixed with his offense.   My thought is, when was the last time Chip coached an elite offense?  Has the defense caught up with his scheme?  Don Brown used to have an elite defense, until smarter coaches found a way to beat it. 

  • OSU fired its head basketball coach, Chris Holtmann on Wednesday.  Juwan got a vote of confidence from Warde.  I don't mind giving Juwan another year with his health issues to begin the season.  Though he needs to have a huge season next season.
  • Will Michigan break Georgia's record by having 16 players drafted?  Having the NFL Draft in Detroit won't hurt the local love for the Wolverines in the draft! 
  • CFP will continue at ESPN, which is a smart move mostly with the 12 teams now.  Paid nearly 8B to keep it.  
  • Michigan continues to expand their NIL program now with Learfield and Altius Sports.