Monday, August 15, 2022

Michigan Monday: Welcomes Zach Marshall

Over the weekend, Michigan got somewhat of a surprise 2023 commitment from TE Zach Marshall from California.  Zach is listed as a 6'4 220-pound Athlete on 24/7 but most expect him to translate to the TE position at the next level.  His offer list included the likes of Army, Arizona, WSU, CAL, Boise State, Utah and others.  

Zach's 3-star ranking won't wow you as he is ranked #685 in the country, the 60th athlete, and #51 in California but he visited Michigan for the BBQ, did a workout for the coaches, and is now a Wolverine.  

"There were a lot of reasons why I chose Michigan," Marshall said. "I really loved everything about the school. I love the winning culture, their commitment to winning on the field and in the classroom and my relationship with the coaching staff.

"I felt like I connected really with all the coaches but especially coach Newsom, the TE coach. We had some great conversations on my visit and I have a really strong comfort level with him and feel he's the kind of coach who can develop me and help me reach the highest level."

  • Michigan finished off its scrimmage in the Big House on Saturday with a special moment.  Dametrius Walker was a 2022 recruit out of Muskegon who during his senior year was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer.   Dametrius is now in a wheel chair and the Michigan offense set up in its formation on the goal line and handed the ball to Walker (while being pushed by Coach Harbaugh) ran into the end zone for a touchdown!   Well done to everyone that was involved in such a special moment.  Meechie keep fighting and we're all pulling for you here at the Big House Blog! 

Friday, August 12, 2022

Michigan Friday: What Questions Does Michigan Have on Offense?

Very few.  Let's take a look at each position group and see if we can drum up some questions. 

QB: We know Michigan has two starters in Cade and JJ.  The only question is, has either separated themselves to be the starter?  I believe the answer is no and we will see a similar rotation as we did last year.  Cade will start and JJ will see a ton of snaps.  JJ lost important time in the Spring with an injury and Cade went to Big Ten media day.  

RB: Michigan has a crazy backfield of Corum and Edwards.  Reminds me of the backfield at USC when they had Reggie Bush.  The only question is who is going to be the 3rd down power back?  Which could be a lot of different scenarios, we have seen Jimmy pull a tight end or LB into that role.   

WR: The story keeps getting better and better as we hit more position groups.  This position room is full of talent and ready to dominate.   Reports are Ronnie is back and on the road to 100%, so that doesn't seem to be a question.  I guess the only question is, how are they going to keep all these WR's happy with all this talent?

OL: I had never heard of the Joe Moore Award before last season and now I must have heard that award mentioned 100 times.  This is another group that is solid and ready to go.  Michigan might have grabbed the most talented offensive lineman in the portal in Olu2 and should be able to dominate again.   I think the bigger question is, what does the depth chart look like for backups? Barnhart, Persi, Crippen, and Atteberry are the best guesses.  

TE: We want it All!  Erik All is posed to be an All-American candidate this year and made one of the most important plays of the year last season in the long run against Penn State with under 4 minutes to go in the game.  I also expect Luke Schoonmaker to "sail" through defenses this fall and be a nice part of the offensive mix.   We know the coaches love them some Colston Loveland (ok, too many puns in a row?) and I expect the freshman to see some time, while keeping an eye on the 4-game redshirt rule.  

I'm going to ask the historian Wolverines fans out there:  Can you remember a Michigan offense this loaded?  1997 National Championship maybe?  If I remember correctly that team had an efficient offense and a dominating defense.  2006 and then 2007 was pretty good, but that team started off historically bad.  Michigan seems to be deep and talented at every position group.  It's scary

Thursday, August 11, 2022

Michigan Thursday: 2 Former Wolverines Get Media Jobs

Jason Avant and Jack Miller will be joining the Michigan Football Radio broadcast.  Jason "who maybe had the best hands of any Michigan WR" Avant will be the sideline reporter and Jack will do pre and post-game.   The Michigan Radio lineup has changed with Doug Karsch and Jon Jansen taking over for Jim Brandstatter and Dan Dierdorf in the booth.  

  • Jordan Morgan is now playing his pro ball in Turkey.  
  • There is a rumor that the Michigan - MSU game will be a night game in the Big House.  In the past, both schools have tried not to do night games due to amount of tailgating time prior to the game. 
  • Hutch singing "Billy Jean" on Hard Knocks has gone viral on social media. 

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Wolverine Wednesday: Loves the Wide Receivers

Michigan has had some great WR's in the past but it was usually one guy on the team at a time.  What makes Ohio State so difficult on offense is they have had multiple options that could go for 200 yards receiving and 3 TD's in any game.  Who do you double?  I'm guessing somewhere in Don Brown's mind, Ohio State is scoring another TD.

Michigan is loaded in the WR room this year with experienced and talented young guys.  Here is a quote from Jimmy: "Cornelius Johnson: Outstanding. AJ Henning: Outstanding. Andrel Anthony: Outstanding." The WR room "has the license and the ability to be the best we've ever had."

I agree with that take.

Now let's consider (additions to the above statement) Ronnie Bell looked like an All American against Western Michigan until he went down with an injury and will be back.  Roman Wilson made some huge catches last season.  Darrius Clemons could be the best freshman WR since Super Bowl Champion Mario Manningham. Mike Sainristil is playing both ways, Walker is a true freshman and Dixon is ready to see the field after a year in the program.

That is a crazy good WR room and I have one question for you:  Who you going double?

  • As suggested yesterday, ESPN is no longer in the Big Ten TV deal negotiation. 
  • Here is an honor that doesn't sound like an honor: Mazi Smith is #1 on Bruce Feldman's Freak List. 
  • Wake Forrest's QB Sam Hartman is out with an off field medical condition.  It was fun watching Wake last season light up the scoreboard in the ACC.