Monday, November 21, 2011

Michigan Monday: The Curious Case of Brionte Dunn

Welcome to Ohio State Week!

Brionte Dunn is a 5 star (scouts) RB out of Canton (Glen Oak), Ohio.  He is rated as the #5 RB in the nation and committed to play for the Ohio State Buckeyes on April 26, 2011.   End of story, right?  Nope.

After his commitment the Ohio State program implodes, the NCAA still hasn't dropped the hammer and Jim Tressel has been fired.  With those big changes, Brionte has slightly re-opened his recruitment.  He has taken a couple of trips to Ann Arbor, Columbus and one to Happy Valley.   Now Happy Valley is no longer happy, but that was really never a serious contender for Brionte anyway.   Sources have said it was always a OSU - Michigan battle. 

So what would change Brionte's mind and have him come to Ann Arbor?

His cousin is a 2013 verbal commitment to the Wolverines Dymonte Thomas who is a RB himself but is coming to Ann Arbor as a DB.

His good friend Kyle Kalis has already de-committed from the Buckeyes and committed to the Wolverines.   Brionte also noticed how some insane OSU fans hit social media to attack Kyle when he changed his mind and became a Wolverine.  Brionte's father has also made it clear that they are watching the NCAA situation very closely and noticed the recent new charge of "Lack of Institutional Control" , the self imposed scholarship reductions and a possible bowl ban.  They are very concerned about a bowl ban.  

So now Brionte's high school season is over and he took another trip to Ann Arbor on Saturday.  He saw former Ohio RB Fitzgerald Toussaint have a big day on the ground and he got to spend more time with recruits from the 2012 and 2013 class.  He even took some time to take a picture at midfield with his cousin and Shane Morris.  

So what's next in his recruitment?

Reports are that Brionte will be back next Saturday for the Ohio State game on his official visit with Kyle.  This is good news and telling news.  Do you think the Michigan coaches would let a kid who is still committed to Ohio State visit for the OSU game if he wasn't really intrested in Michigan? 

Brionte is also planning on enrolling in January at his school of choice. 

You want my take?

I think Brionte is concerned about Ohio State fans reaction when he makes his final decision.  If I was a betting man, I would put a $1 that he shows up on Michigan's campus in January and then announces he is no longer committed to Ohio State.    Let's hope it plays out that way!

Could the impending hire of Urban Meyer in Columbus effect Kyle and Brionte?
It could, but remember recruiting is all about relationships with the coaches and as far as I know Urban doesn't know either Kyle or Brionte.    So he would really have a late start and I don't expect a final NCAA finding this year.   

More Recruiting News:

  • Pharaoh Brown is no longer a committed recruit for the Wolverines.   One of the "rules" the Michigan coaches ask committed high school players is, "If you want to commit, don't take any visits.  If your want to take visits, take them and commit later".    Pharaoh Brown took a secret visit to Oregon over the weekend and Tweeted about it.  He didn't let the Michigan coaches know and now he is no longer part of the 2012 class.  Pharaoh is a great athlete that could play TE or DE at the next level.  Recent news was he was going to take a shot at TE at Michigan.  Now he might be on the outside looking in.  We will see if they can rebuild this bridge or head in another direction.  
If you think about it, Michigan has 5 (Payton, Darboh, Dunn, Wright, and a # of OL's) really interested guys/positions and only 4 spots.  Now they have 5. 


uncle ron said...

Thanks Big Bob, great explanation.

Voice of Reason said...

Regarding the Pharaoh Brown situation, Michigan "may" have dodged a bullet here. It is better to know now if you are recruiting a kid that is prone to break the rules and would be sent home later as well as it's better to know now if his interest is elsewhere than to learn on signing day that he is going to another school.

Anonymous said...

Where can i find tickets for Saturday for a reasonable rate.

Bob said...

I agree guys, we have had too many guys flame out way too early anyway.

Chris your best bet is around the stadium before kickoff. Find a season ticket holder with an extra ticket and he will sell it to you at face value.

Mick said...

Can it be considered a secret visit if he tweeted about it? Lol

I agree that it's a good thing we found out about his character, or lack there of, now as opposed to later. Pretty stupid move on his part, he would have gotten the best coaching around in AA, Hoke is building something special, you would think Brown can recognize that.