Friday, November 25, 2011

Ohio State Preview

Time: Noon
Location: BigHouse
Weather: High of 57 with Showers
Line: Michigan -7.5

He cheated he lied and lied a little more
His players had so much ink their arms were sore

 7 in a row he laughed, seems such a shame
That the best rivalry in sports isn’t even a game

Sure my players were ready
I just got them a free tattoo and a great deal on a 2007 Chevy

They paid me to win and not to follow the rules
I just needed to beat Michigan so I used all my tools

Tressel walked out the door and said with a grin
That Urban is on the way, can he win without sin?

Tressel, Rodriguez and Carr are now all gone
It makes you think, where did it all go wrong?

Now things have changed and Michigan is 9-2
But these Buckeyes will be ready to play the Maize and Blue

A Buckeyes win could save Luke Fickell
Who seems to be headed for the same success as NASCAR’s Dick Trickle

Hoke calls them “Ohio” and leaves out the State
Some fans think he got to Ann Arbor 3 years to late

Robinson, Martin and VanBurgen are ready for this game
They could play it right now, at the corner of Stadium and Main

Tressel dominated Carr and Rodriquez to
But he never beat Hoke or these brothers of Blue

You tuned in for a prediction,
Which I hope you keep between you and me
Michigan 32 Ohio State 3


1 comment:

dude1984 said...

I am giddy for this one...

On Offense:
I think screens and play action, even without establishing the run, could be very effective for Michigan because of Ohio’s aggressive approach. Run at them and mix in some medium outside passes. Occasionally throw some deep balls (on a play action call).

On defense:
5 on the line and pinch everybody up a few yards (2-3 yards) pre-snap. Alternate between cover 2 man and zone blitz. Dealing with a young QB, I want to see them add in some fake blitzes and misdirection blitzes. Rushers need to rush straight on and maintain their gap…no need for a lot of stunting and open up lanes for Miller. It is important to prevent Miller from making big plays, especially with his feet, and to try to get him to go to his left (blitz from his right) because he is a stronger thrower rolling to his right.