Wednesday, February 3, 2016

NSD Instant Re-cap

The day started off well with the re-commitment of Nate Johnson and the new commitment of LaVert Hill.   Both of those were regularly expected to happen. 

The first interesting development happened when new recruit OT Alaric Jackson picked Iowa. I guess golfer Zach Johnson is happy now. 

The next commitment to drop was local kicker and sleepover buddy Quinn Nordin who picked the Wolverines.

Then the Signing of the Stars event happened.   It was more entertaining then I expected.   Lou Holtz who I'm not a huge fan of was funny and Nature Boy Rick Flair was classic Rick Flair.   Michigan held all the announcements of the LOI's until the event. 

The event continued past 1:00 and as Jimmy was paying tribute to Chad Carr - Rashan Gary committed to the Wolverines on ESPN. 

The day is a huge success at this point, no matter what happens in the afternoon. 

Around 3:30 Devin Asiasi adds some icing on the cake as he becomes a Wolverine on ESPN as well.  His best friend Boss Tagaloa stays home and picks UCLA. 

The biggest surprise of the day is when Victor Viramontes picks CAL.   It seems VV didn't have an LOI from Michigan to sign today.  This recruitment has been a strange one. 

The only other significant news is that Dytarious Johnson has a transcript problem but still expects to sign with Michigan but not today.   Hawkins who was also rumored to have some issues, signed as expected.

It seems there wasn't room for Alaric Jackson and VV as they wanted to save a spot for Johnson.

29 players signed all EE's were backdated

#4 class on Rivals
#6 on Scouts
# 5 on 24/7

  • Tom Strobel has transferred to the Ohio Bobcats.

It's been a very fun day!  Thank you for riding it out on the BHB!


Mike T said...

Great work Bob...

Was a fun day today.. Not a lot done at work though :)

To early to start talking 2017? :)

posty55 said...

Bob first off thanks for a great recruiting year....u guys must be tired lol
I read your site in Toronto there are many of us that bleed blue...even though everybody is loving the Gary signing as most important...I have to say the signing of Big Mike makes this class....As a Michigan fan we have to keep the best home...we have an unbelievable pipeline with Cass tech...Mike is a monster who oozes with nastyness...I've heard he's a great example of a Michigan man, from a great family...I know Jimmy wants to win...but we must keep our best at home Blue...thanks again

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