Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Welcome To The Madness!

First Surprise of the day:  ATH Victor Viramontes has committed to Cal

Devin Asiasi is Blue!
Rashan Gary is BLUE and Signed!
Kicker Quinn Nordin is Blue!
LaVert Hill is Blue!

Dytarious Johnson has a transcript problem but still expects to sign with Michigan but not today.

Connor Murphy and Pie Young to USC
Rashad Weaver to Pitt

Jimmy Notes:  no Gray Shirts and all early enrollees are back dated to 2015 class.

Funny note, If you signed up for Michigan text's for LOI's today.  It says you will get 30 texts. 

Alaric Jackson picked Iowa,  Jon Jones going to ND, Enis to IU, Harding to Illinois.

Michigan must have told a number of recruits to not announce they signed their LOI until the Signing Day event.  As most of the LOI's should have been in by now.  Michigan is just slowly announcing their early commits.

LOI's in include:

  • Khaleke Hudson
  • Mike Dwumfour
  • Josh Uche
  • Nate Johnson
  • Elysee Mbem-Bosse
  • David Long
  • Quinn Nordin
  • Ron Johnson
  • Dylan Crawford
  • Chris Evans
  • Brad Hawkins
  • Ben Bredeson
  • Nick Eubanks
  • Stephen Spanellis
  • Devin Gill
  • Josh Metellus
  • LaVert Hill
  • Mike Onwenu
  • Eddie McDoom

-Nate Johnson reconfirmed he is still Blue!

Michigan is just announcing the early enrollees right now. 

I will be here all day updating on LOI's turned in and announcements!

Update from last night:
  • Big Mike is still Blue!
  • Devin Asiasi's father had a Go Blue Banner on his twitter that he has taken down
Let the fun begin!
  • 8:10 AM: TN WR Nate Johnson. Michigan
  • 9 AM: MI CB Lavert Hill. Michigan
  • 11 AM: MI K Quinn Nordin. Michigan
  • 11:30 AM: AZ DE Connor Murphy. USC
  • 1 PM: NJ DE Rashan Gary. Michigan
  • 1 PM: FL WR Pie Young. USC
  • 3PM: CA TE Devin Asiasi. Michigan, USC, UCLA, UW, Bama.
  • 3PM: CA DT Boss Tagaloa. UCLA
  • 4PM: CA QB Vic Viramontes.  Cal


    Mike T said...

    Mr. Asiasi spoiling his son's thunder... Dad, take that down.. I want to announce at 3PM....

    Lets start off right with getting Hill @ 9

    As long as we finish with a top 5 class I'll be happy.

    If we do get Gary I'd think top 3 is reachable...

    Scott K said...

    Just like Christmas morning!

    Gary, Asiasi and Hill probably make a top 5 class.

    GO BLUE!

    Adrian Havrestiuc said...

    Nate Johnson is Blue

    Mike T said...

    Uche and Dwumfour have signed LOI

    Mike T said...

    Hudson signed LOI

    Scott K said...

    I hope hill gets his announcement taken care of before its Nordin's turn.... this is nutz.... the stream looks like a bunch of utter confusion.

    Scott K said...

    Welcome Mr. Hill

    Scott K said...

    Kinda funny Bob, looking at the remaining Prospects as you have them listed, it's probably going to be a Yes, no, Yes, no, Yes, no, Yes. That wouldn't be the worst outcome.

    Mike T said...

    Id take every other on the list starting with Nordin...

    Nordin, Gary, Asiasi and Vic

    Big35Hurt said...

    Lavert Hill!!! Boom! GO BLUE!!! #LittleBrotherDoesntHaveItBetterThanUs

    Bob said...

    Your right it does look like every other recruit will commit. Gary is wearing a Blue Sweater and a yellow tie at ESPN this morning. :)

    Mike T said...

    Curious to see if Dytarious and Metellus signs LOI And Hawkins because of grades

    Mike T said...

    Why hasn't BIG MIKE signed yet?

    Mike T said...

    BOOOOOOM !!!!!

    Scott K said...

    #1... Go Blue

    Mike T said...

    Everyone has signed LOI except Gary and Dytarious Johnson

    Scott K said...

    D. Johnson is unable to sign due to 'transcript problems' Both Johnson and Coach Harbaugh expect these issues to be worked out and he will be on the team.

    Big35Hurt said...

    GO BLUE!

    Scott K said...

    If Vicious Vic committed to Cal, Asiasi must be the 'silent commit' unless that blew up.

    Damn it!

    Mike T said...

    Or maybe Boss with Asiasi

    Scott K said...

    Asiasi is BLUE.... no word on Boss yet

    Scott K said...

    Boss can't bare the thought of moving away from his pretty little girlfriend, he's UCLA.

    Poor kid doesn't realize he'll be on his third girlfriend before he's a SR. in college.


    Mike T said...

    I'm happy as can be with this class....

    29 Commits with 22 open spots...

    7 need to go by August...

    Scott K said...

    strobel is a Ohio Bobcat.... 6 need to go by august.

    Mike T said...

    Didn't see that..


    Renard Anthony said...

    Mike T, I just read an article/statement that said the 7, who enrolled early, were "pushed back" to the 2015 class. Were those spots in your 22?

    Henry Otto PPMA said...

    Rashan Gary LOI? It's 430pm school has been out. I know he wanted to sign his with his friends. What is the status?

    Renegade said...

    MGoBlog reports Gary signed LOI.

    Henry Otto PPMA said...

    Thanks Renegade, they can't comment on him until they have it. I good now. lol

    Mike T said...

    The early enrollees don't matter with the total 85 ships.... Can only have 85 on ship when school starts in August and we now have 91. I thought 92 which would have been the 7 over the limit.

    The early enrollees help to offset the B1G rule a class can only sign 25 each year plus 3 over signed. 28 total.

    We signed 29 today because 7 were counted as 2015 so we actually signed 22 today for 2016.

    Two separate rules. Hope that makes sense.