Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Michigan Tuesday: Will The Drake Be Open For Another Year?

Drake Johnson the pride of Pioneer High School has had a rough ride at U of M.   He has blown out two ACL's and been run over by a fork lift in the track and field building.   He has not seen the field this year and speculation was that he was going to try to get a 6th year.   If there is anyone that deserves another year in college, it's Drake Johnson.   Jimmy confirmed last night that they are going to seek approval for a 6th year for Drake.   Michigan will lose Smith to graduation but will have a group of very good running backs including; Ty Isaac, Karan Higdon, Chris Evans, Kareem Walker, Kingston Davis, and the signees from the 2017 recruiting class. 

We know Jimmy and Wheat like to use a number of running backs and having Drake on the team is a positive thing,even if there is plenty of options on the depth chart.  I hope the Big Ten and NCAA approves this request.

TomVH has a nice update on Ambry Thomas who is one of the best instate athletes in this class and continues to be a high priority for Michigan.   MSU says he is the top player on their board, which has to sound pretty good to a 17 year old.   He also wants to try to take an official to Florida, Arizona, and Pitt before making his decision.   He is planning on enrolling early, so a decision will have to come in the next month or so.   This could be a Jourdan Lewis type of player and I hope he sees himself in that role in the future. 

"There's a lot of opportunity for me up at Michigan State," Thomas said. "I would say right now Michigan and Michigan State have the lead and I can't tell which one leads out of the two. I know I can play early at MSU, but I know at Michigan they're winning and they're going to continue to win." Thomas said he feels Michigan can provide him a lot after football as well, but he also knows Michigan State is just having a bad year and will bounce back.

  • Jimmy says that Mike Onwenu will stay on offense.  

  • Last weekend visitor OL Aaron Banks will announce between December 4th and December 18th.

I forget to include the look ahead in Monday's Post, so I have included it today!

Iowa is 5-4 with their best win coming over Minnesota.  Their worst loss was against NSDU (which is a pretty good team) they also beat Rutgers 14-7.

Rushing Yards rank: 93rd
Passing Yards rank: 106th
Points For: 82th
Points Against: 24th 

So they play a little defense but don't do too much on the offensive side of the ball.   They really should go ahead and extend contract Kirk Ferentz for another 5 years!

Michigan is a 21 point favorite in the game
ESPN Big Ten Power Ranking = 7th


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ScottyDoggs said...

So much for the election. The reason I bring it up is I live in a red state, out in the middle of no where (30 miles to a decent grocery store).
Over the last three months I asked people I came in contact with who they supported, and out of approximately 20: not one supported Hillary. I did not realize it at the time, but rural America knocked off Clinton decidedly. My little survey, was a microcosm of what was to be.
For any of us that resent Trump... it's Crow for supper for at least the next for years, with humble pie for dessert.