Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Wolverine Wednesday: Hires Greg Frey

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Sam Webb is reporting that Greg Frey will re-join the Wolverines as the Tight Ends and Tackles coach/Run Game Coordinator.   He is replacing the slot left by Coach Wheat leaving for the NFL Jacksonville Jaguars.  Greg was at Michigan previously and was known as a very good recruiter in Florida and per Sam Webb has a very good eye for recruiting the offensive line.  He was known as the best assistant on RR's staff while at Michigan.   As soon as RR was fired, Greg was hired by IU.

This is another "Harbaugh" unique position (like Passing Coordinator) where Greg will be focusing on Tackles and Tight Ends (which sounds more like a reality show).   Your first thought might be how are those positions similar?  They are actually and both positions have similar blocking schemes and skills.   Michigan is going to have very young tackles next year and having a coach focusing on them will help their development.

Jay Harbaugh will now become the full time RB coach. 

I believe this hire gives us a little insight into Jimmy's mind and where the Wolverines lacked last year.   It was clear that the difference in Michigan being undefeated in the regular season and two losses was the offensive line.   Greg comes back to Michigan from being the Indiana offensive line coach, he also coached that same position group at Michigan when he was here.

  • Jay Harbaugh in his new role visited O'Maury Samuels at home yesterday.

  • Don Brown was also in Utah to visit DT Jay Tufele.  Would love to land this guy but most expect him to stay out west.

  • Jimmy will be in home with Oliver Martin on Wednesday.   The goal is to get Oliver to do an official visit this weekend to Ann Arbor.   It seems everyone and their brother is after Oliver right now including OSU, ND, Florida, and MSU is trying to get that last official.   Where he goes will be an big indicator. 


Garv said...

I'm glad you turned down that $1.5B
Weekdays would not be the same without BHB.

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Cormac said...

It's that association with RR that bothers me. I would be making paper airplanes out of someone's resume if I saw that they had that they worked for RR on their resume.

Bob said...

Cormac, I agree with you on the RR stuff, but he was considered a pretty good coach and good recruiter. IU also considers it a big loss and the offensive line needs plenty of attention. I see this as a positive net gain.

Thanks Garv - Sadly, none of the BHB readers offered $1.5B! :)