Friday, February 24, 2017

Michigan Friday: Why Play Florida in Dallas?

*If you live in Dallas or the Dallas area and a Michigan fan, please excuse this rant.  I 100% understand why you would want Michigan to play at Jerry World every 5 years or so.  

When David Brandon was driving the Michigan Football Bus off a cliff, I believe it was Brian Cook at Mgoblog you said that David wanted to be Jerry Jones.   That is 100% accurate as David moved two Michigan home games to Jerry World.   The first game was more of a scrimmage for Alabama as they played Denard and an Al Borges offense.   I 'm betting many of you have removed that game from your memory and mad at me for even bringing it up. 

I just don't understand why you play this game in Dallas?  You take a home game away from the team and Michigan fans/season ticket holders.    You also lose a recruiting weekend.  

Yes, I get this will be one of the best games opening weekend (FSU does play Alabama as well).   I have no problem with Michigan playing Florida, I just rather it be a home -away contract.   Play in Ann Arbor and then in Gainesville the next year. 

When you put a college football game in an NFL stadium it loses some of its luster if you ask me.    I attended the Orange Bowl and sat in the Michigan section.   It was nothing like the Big House or even how I imagine The Swamp to be.  That is the beauty of College Football.    Should we play Ohio State at Ford Field or in Cleveland?  Hell No!  That would never be up for discussion.  (I did want to play MSU at Ford Field when the Big Ten changed the divisions, so Michigan didn't have to travel to East Lansing in back to back years, but Brandon dropped the ball on that one as well)

Jimmy and the Wolverines also play very poorly in night games.   The ones that come to mind are all losses, Utah, Iowa, Orange Bowl.  I might be mistaken but I believe the only night game win under Harbaugh is at Rutgers 78-0. 

So why rant about this now?  The tickets for the Dallas - Florida game are now on sale.  They start at $105 for nose bleeds and end at $305 for decent seats.   $610 for two decent seats - Thank You David Brandon!  If your wondering, Toys-R-Us has to sell 47 Barbie Dolls to get two decent tickets to the Michigan - Florida game.

  • More examples that 2018 will be a small recruiting class, Steve Lorenz is saying Michigan is already done recruiting DE and LB for the class.   Michigan has one commit for each position at this point.   I'm guessing this class might be done by this summer and the NSD drama might be pretty quiet.

  • 2018 Marietta (Ga.) Lassiter 3-star CB Christian Jackson visited A2 yesterday.

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