Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Wolverine Wednesday: Will QB Recruiting Be Wrapped Up This Month?

Michigan has two really serious QB offers out and both commitments could come fairly soon.   Florida QB Joe Milton who has a rocket arm visited for the Spring Game and is expected to make a decision anytime.   His crystal balls have all been trending to the Maize and Blue lately.  

Next is AZ QB Tyler Shough who has been blowing up since his Michigan offer.  Recently he has received offers from the likes of Alabama, Georgia, WSU, South Carolina, Oregon State, Mizzu and others.  He is expected to be in Ann Arbor this month and will be on commit watch.

Michigan has told both guys they might take 2 QB's in this class.   Which is a pretty big honor in a small 2018 class. 

  • Derrick Walton got an invite to the NBA combine today

  • Nick Saban of course got another raise/contract.  Jimmy with his insurance policy was technically making more.   So I'm sure the Bama Boosters dropped off a Bentley full of money and a new contract. 

  • After the Rome trip there is a lot of media discussion that both true freshman Aubrey Solomon and Luiji Vilain will have to play and be on the two deep.   I'm pretty sure you didn't have to travel to Europe to know that! 

  • Future Update:  Belleville could have a 5 star recruit in 2019 OT Devontae Hobbs (yes, please).


ScottyDoggs said...

Steve Spurrier (South Carolina) is arguing (bellyache-ing) that Michigan is gaining an unfair recruiting advantage by going to Rome.

*Why... Southern Baptists are not allowed in Rome?

*The pope blessed the team, and it's already in the bag that Michigan goes undefeated?

* Bird Brained (no pun intended), feels inferior that he did not think of it first? Steve is former coach but still relevant, as was Bo after he retired.

Steve Zander said...

Harbaugh thinks of everything first, and it riles everyone up because they didn't think of it first. Then it goes away and no one does anything until Harbaugh comes out with another Rock Star Move. Then it starts again. Come to think of it, no one outside of Harbaugh, does anything remotely unique. God I love it.

Scott K said...

Here is what "The Old Ballcoach" said, “That sounds like a recruiting advantage, doesn’t it?” Spurrier told Finebaum. “I’m sure they’ll pass a rule that you can’t do it after this year. Probably, I guess. I don’t know. But you’ve got to give Jim credit. He does think differently.”

The media was quick to headline everything with "spurrier takes a shot at harbuagh"
The reality is, Spurrier was making fun of the NCAA and giving Jim a pat on the back. At least that how I saw it.

ScottyDoggs said...

Scott K. Very possible your right... sometimes people say things that can be taken either way. If you know the person saying it, you know what he's trying to say... Steve always had a wye sense of humor.

Scott K said...

Spurrier is a class act.... Loved when he called bowden's seminoles Free Shoes University.

Steve Zander said...

And when he said it was always good to play Georgia early on the season because all their players were on suspension from the summer