Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Michigan Tuesday: Dissects The Big News From Yesterday

Jimmy did confirm that Tarik Black has a broken bone in his foot, will need surgery, and probably out for the year.

Not a great situation for an offense that is having a hard time scoring TD's.  Black had come in early and impressed almost immediately.   I expect DPJ will now be the starting outside WR.  Also expect more Moe Ways, who will finally get more snaps as a senior.  

If he could come back, should he?   Black seems like an NFL type of talent, I don't know if an injury redshirt year is worth it as he probably is not a 5 year player.   If he can get back by OSU or the Bowl Game, the Michigan coaches should consider it. 

Ty Isaac should be ok.

That isn't really a ton of information.  Will he be able to play this week?   Does he need a couple weeks worth of rest and then be ok?  Jimmy will play this one close to the vest and that is probably all the information we are going to get.   Let's hope he is healthy this week as losing two offensive weapons will be tough to overcome on the road.

Drake Harris might play basketball

When Drake commitment to Michigan I was very excited.  He was DPJ before DPJ as an instate recruit.  He was a 4 star two sport star and looked like the deep threat the Michigan offense needed.   Injuries and the day to day grind of football on his frame has caused too many injuries for this talented player.   If the rumors are true, I'm sure Coach B is smiling in his office and would love to have the athletic guard.   He would have two years left to play basketball and his scholarship would count towards football this year. 

  • Toys-r-us filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy yesterday.  They hope to keep their 1600 stores open as they go through this process.   David Brandon might want to consider free Lego's if a customer purchases two cokes.

  • Was that the Detroit Lions playing well on MNF last night?

  • Did you see that PSU James Franklin called a timeout to freeze the Georgia State kicker when PSU was up 56-0?  That comes the week after he calls the rivalry with Pitt, "like beating Akron". Class act James.   Penn State has moon walked through their non-conference schedule, the trip to Iowa City will be their first test of the year.  

  • Quinn Nordin named Big Ten Special Teams Player of the Week

  • Michigan is on Fox this weekend but we won't get Gus Johnson.   The rumor is that Ross-Ade could sell out, which is a rare occurrence.   Fox has a the State of Indiana vs. the State of Michigan thing going.  Michigan at Purdue at 4:00 and ND at MSU at 8:00.

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Scott K said...

Fortunately we aren't light in the WR depth chart....