Friday, October 13, 2017

Indiana Preview

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Time: Noon
Location: Memorial Stadium
Weather: 72 no rain
Stream: ESPN App
Line: Michigan -7.5

Time to lace them up again for the Wolverines.   Every time John O'Korn has played significant minutes in a game there has been extreme weather.   IU last year had snow, Purdue had extreme heat, and a monsoon last weekend.   What should we expect this week?  A sandstorm? eclipse?  acid rain?

The weather is supposed to be a warm 72 and clear.  That is clearly gamesmanship! :-)  Side Note: JOK is 1-0 in the State of Indiana and 2-0 against teams from the state!

Tale of the Tape
Mike DeBord vs. Don Brown = Donnie B
Michigan O vs. IU D = Push
Intangibles = IU
Coaching = Michigan
Need for a win = Push

This is really going to be hard to believe, but the IU defense is probably better then it's offense.   They led at half time over Ohio State before going Indiana and the defense actually played well in the Penn State game, the special teams and turnovers cost the Hoosiers the game. 

How can that be?  Mike DeBord is the IU OC.  He is the guy that lead the Michigan offense for many years under Lloyd Carr.   He is guy with the 2 play playbook: run right and run left.    The IU offense is a bit different and they play really fast.   They may hike the ball the quickest I have ever seen in college football.  The Michigan defense will not be able to substitute and the personnel will have to stay focused.   They have an NFL WR in Simmie Cobbs, Jr.  and he will test the Michigan secondary.   I expect the Michigan defense to give up a couple of big plays and it will be interesting to see if the Wolverines offense can score points. 

Yell, This is what we wanted last week if.......................
  • The Michigan offense scores TD's
  • Doesn't turn the ball over
  • Finds a running game
  • Turns the page in the play book
  • Plays the defense we are used to
  • Plays angry
Just shake your head and scream WTF if............
  • Michigan hasn't addressed any issues on offense
  • Michigan is asleep for a 11:00AM local time kick
  • Michigan is hung over from last weeks loss
  • Michigan can't score points
  • The defense is tired and giving up big plays
IU always plays Michigan tough.  It always seems both sides of the ball is not ready for this style of quick tempo.  I don't understand it but they always do.   The biggest miss match on the field is the Michigan Defensive Line Monsters vs. IU offensive line.   If these guys can dominate, it will help the Wolverines with 3 and outs and field position.   It will also limit Cobbs touches. 

We don't need to list all of Michigan's issues on offense as that horse has been kicked all week.   Please find someone that can play RT and call a play that gets a TE or WR open.    It would also be nice to run the ball a little bit.   How about some option looks with JOK?  He will need to use his feet to get first downs and extend drives.  He has to make quick reads in the passing game and can't hold the ball like he did against State.  The IU QB is mobile and will run and scramble a bit, the Michigan defense will have to spy on him as well. 

This is going to be one of those games that Michigan continues to struggle to find its rhythm on offense.   The IU defense will stack the box and invite Jimmy and John (not to deliver subs) to beat them in the passing game.  Pep what you got?  I haven't been impressed by an offensive game plan since Florida.  Who is going to step up at WR?  Protect the football and win a damn football game! Look for the special teams to have some big plays.

Michigan 24 IU 17

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Tim said...

Thanks for posts this week. Last Saturday's loss was tough. I have been pretty limited in how much I read or listen to college football over last week. Just discouraging...

As stated Michigan has so many issues that need corrected. My biggest hope is that with the W's from early in year the coaches were a bit blinded by with a tough loss they will hopefully address things that need fixed.

Go Blue and let's turn the corner tomorrow.