Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Wolverine Wednesday: Reports Are That Nate Johnson is Off The Team Permanently

The Michigan football program has permanently removed Nate Johnson from the program (Per Sam Webb).  Insiders were speculating earlier in the week that Nate would not be back on the team after the suspension.

Nate Johnson was a true sophomore and came to Ann Arbor from Thompson Station, TN.  His recruitment came down to ND and Michigan.  He was recruited as a slot WR but turned to CB in fall camp.   Insiders were saying he was back as a WR prior to the Purdue game.   Nate will finish his career with 1 catch for 4 yards from last season. 

This loss really doesn't hurt the Wolverines depth at either CB or WR.  The coaches clearly didn't know what to do Nate and he was not a regular contributor.    Removing Nate from the team is the correct decision after his arrest.

It would be nice if the Wolverines could get through a bye week without an incident.  Last year, slot WR Grant Perry got in trouble in East Lansing.

  • Kyle Kalis has been signed to the active roster of the Indianapolis Colts from the Redskins practice squad.  

My list of things that I hope the Wolverines improved on during Improvement Week:

  1. The offensive line.  This might be one of the most disappointing units all year.  We were expecting a big jump in consistency but have seen missed assignments and just getting beat up front.   I know the defenses are stacking the box, but this group needs to be better and not getting beat when the D-line stunts.  I don't believe we have seen the Greg Fry impact that we were expecting.
  2. John O'Korn comfort as a starter.  He has been getting 1st team reps for two weeks now.  Let's hope he is comfortable under center UTL in the Big House.
  3. Crawford and Bunting - Keoka Crawford has been playing a lot but hasn't really been producing like we thought.   Ian Bunting I thought would be a candidate for the best TE in the country.  He has let to catch a ball and might be in the dog house.
  4. DB's - It seems they have been playing well, but still young and lack experience.   
  5. Punting - I don't like bringing up punting this week, but Michigan needs to average 40 yards per punt.  Let's hope this is fixed with Robbins.
What does your list look like?  Did I miss anything?


Scott K said...

I hope we don't punt very much....or at all.

d_ronii said...

I would like to see more out of the running back pass blocking as a whole. I want the playbook to open up and out scheme what MSU will try to take away (running game and crossing routes). If MSU stays with their defense (cover 4) we will need DPJ / Grant Perry out of the slot to disrupt their safetys.

Voice of Reason said...

I think my list is pretty much like yours. I think when you're playing teams like MSU and you have a young OL your scheme should open up the play book a little more with some new stuff while focusing on those things that are the strengths of the offense. I would imagine that MSU will try to blitz more and try to confuse a young offense. However, I think if this offense gets by MSU then they will have reason to be more optimistic for the season.

Plus, I feel bad for these young players who can't handle themselves when they get away from home. Athletes shouldn't be assaulting anyone let alone females. I am not sure if Michigan has a program that helps to orient and counsel these guys to think and react more appropriately when they find themselves in stressful situations but if they don't they need one. These kids can't handle the sexual freedoms and social pressure on their own. IMHO!!!

Scott K said...

Google "Roo" and RIT orientation. Lets pray U of M doesn't go that route.