Thursday, February 8, 2018

Michigan Thursday: Harbaugh At A Cross Roads

Things have not been going well for Jimmy and Michigan's program lately. Things we thought we knew about Jimmy have not really materialized as Michigan head coach.  For example:

  • Perception was that Jimmy was one of the best developer of QB's.  He hasn't been successful doing that at Michigan yet and has relied on 3 QB transfers from other programs.
  • Michigan would win its rivalry games - Jimmy has yet to beat OSU and has one win over MSU.
  • Michigan's power run offense would attract top level offensive lineman - that unit has under preformed and the 2018 class has two tackles and one could end up as a TE.
  • With his NFL experience, recruits would flock to the Ann Arbor to be prepped by the former Super Bowl coach.  I would give him a push on this one, his other classes have been pretty good, the 2018 was a bit disappointing. 
  • Jimmy's offense and play calling would be an advantage - In his presser he said, they were self-auditing their offensive strategy.   The last two years have been very disappointing on that side of the ball.
With his top choice at QB TBD if he can even play this year and the toughest schedule in the nation.   Jimmy and staff have their work cut out for them this off season.  

Don't get me wrong, things are not on fire like they were with Rich Rod or Hoke but Jimmy is starting to question his offensive approach and making some good moves like hiring Ed Warinner  former OSU and Minnesota OC as an offensive analyst.  Jimmy couldn't stop talking about Ed at his presser yesterday.

He also has to hire a 10th coach to replace Enos and I hope he makes a good hire for that role.  I'm strongly against the hire of shark lover Jim McElwain.   His offense was terrible at Florida and he couldn't develop QB's either. 

I do tip my hit to Jimmy hiring Warinner and University of San Diego OC Tanner Engstrand.  Those guys will bring some new ideas and approaches to the offensive side of the ball.  Time to make some changes and right now that doesn't seem to be letting go Drevno or Pep.   Jimmy also mentioned he was having interviews on NSD for the 10th assistant role. 

I know we can all be prisoners of the moment, but for Michigan to strike out on offensive lineman or defensive linemen between the signing days is very disappointing and just continuing the narrative of Michigan Football losing the off season.


How did Michigan finish in ranking for the 2018 class?

24/7: #21
Rivals: #25
ESPN: #20

This is one of the lowest ranked classes for Michigan since the Hoke - RR transition year. 


Unknown said...

You left out Patterson...the kid from UTAH and I'm guessing the kid from Rice...not to mention only 19 signed...quality not quantity

Garv said...

I'm not worried about a class of 19 ranking that low. The past two classes will field a ton of starters and so far Jim has done well retaining seniors passing on early draft opportunities.

Voice of Reason said...

When I reviewed this 2018 class, I see a very solid class. We didn't get a bunch of five stars but these guys are very good and is likely under rated. In fact, we've got some dark horses that will surprise many if we use them right. Yes, we can use more OL prospects which will have to be fulfilled in the next recruiting cycle but we will be fine. When we look at Mo Hurst for example, he was not a popular recruit that came in here with fan fare but he was developed by Greg Mattison and will likely be a high first round draft pick. Please guys, let's not panic this is a very nice class and I firmly believe that this season will be a memorable one for Michigan...I promise. IMHO!!!