Monday, April 30, 2018

Michigan Monday: Shakes Fist at NFL GM's

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I enjoy watching the NFL draft, its a fun experience to watch teams make decisions on their current and future needs.   I didn't have fun this year watching Mo Hurst drop from a 1st round pick to the 5th round and 140th pick.   There is no way there are 139 players better then Mo Hurst in college. 

So it seems the NFL will pick guys that have committed crimes, but a strange reading on an EKG is a deal breaker.  Mo Hurst was rated one of the top players in the entire draft by Pro Football Focus and he dropped to #140 because of that EKG.   Mo has been cleared to platy by doctors at Michigan and Harvard.  It still scared NFL GM's and some took him off the board completely. 

I understand when a guy like Jake Butt drops from a first or second round TE because he tore his ACL in the Orange Bowl, but for Mo to drop after the senior year he had is just completely wrong.   Mo has even said, that Michigan found his condition his freshman year and its been monitored ever since with no problems.  

Either way, at least Gruden was smart enough to take him and even traded a couple of picks to do it.  I'm willing to bet Mo plays with a chip on his shoulder for his entire long NFL career.

In good news from the draft, Mason Cole was selected late in the 3rd round to the Arizona Cardinals.  Mo and Mason were the only two Wolverines drafted.   So that means a number of guys signed free agents deals or got invited to camp:
  • Mike McCray to Miami
  • Khalid Hill to Seattle  
  • John O'Korn to Detroit
No word on RB Ty Isaac. I wonder if he is healthy?

  • The Knicks are going to interview Miami Heat assistant and former Fab 5 member Juwan Howard for their head coaching position.  My hope is that he would be a candidate for the Michigan job once Coach B decides to retire. 

  • In a name Wolverines fans will remember, DeShawn Hand got drafted by the Detroit Lions.  I hear the Lions have a great hurricane simulator.

  • Update: Karsen Barnhart has committed to the Wolverines while the team is in Paris.  Barnhart is from Paw Paw and is a 6'5 282 pounds offensive lineman, more info tomorrow.


Tim said...

Isaac is a tough guy to figure out. There have been multiple times over last 3 years I have thought he was one of the two best backs on our team...and then he would get benched for extended periods of time.

A couple years ago I was stunned at how many carries Smith got. The coaches want to win more than I want them to win (although at times I question that with their play calling) and I know they are not stupid. So have wondered many times what is up with him.

I hope he has an NFL career, but based on his track record I am not holding my breath.

Cormac said...

About Big Mo falling so far. I was reading somethng on Twitter (where else?) on Sunday. Someone found a guy, I could be wrong, out of Dallas that does radio and votes for the Heisman too. I think he said that there were times that Mo would like just destroy the OL. Then there were times that he would disappear. I believe that was the reason that this guy gave for Big Mo falling so far.