Thursday, April 5, 2018

Michigan Thursday: Don't Point The Finger

There was a ton of problem/issues with Michigan's Football program after the Outback Bowl.  I left that stadium and felt like I had just got swindled out of my money as the team that was playing was one I didn't recognize. 

Changes needed to happen and they did.  One of the hardest changes that needed to be made was by the head coach himself.  Football coaches are hard headed, if they have been successful doing things their way, then it will work over and over.   That is why it's so rare to see coaches change their philosophy or approaches even though the game around them changes. 

Jimmy after the bowl game got very personal with the team and asked them what they needed from him.   He tore down his wall and asked very simple questions to 100 or so young men.

Higdon says that after the team’s bowl game loss, Harbaugh came to the team and simply asked what he needed to do differently. What did he need to change?

Players gave him feedback, which Higdon opted not to disclose, but the changes have been noticeable.

It's easy to point fingers at Tim Drevno and Pep Hamilton because their offense was terrible last year, but its hard to look at yourself and see if changes need to be made.   As fans we are not close to the everyday doings in Schembechler Hall, but even we noticed a change in coach.    So far this year, Jimmy has looked deep inside and started to make changes of his own.

“He’s been more personal with the guys and more approachable, and that’s definitely been helping,” Higdon said. “Coach is a football guru, and he’s been so focused on the game. Taking a step back from that and continuing to build stronger relationships with the players, changed our culture and changed the atmosphere around this facility.”

Congratulations Coach on you making positive changes!

Another change that seems to be paying off is the new S&C guy Ben Herbert from Arkansas and Wisconsin.  Here are some thoughts from Viper Khaleke Hudson:

“There’s more energy in the weight room,” the junior insisted. “Everyone is happy to work out and just to be there — it’s a different feeling in there now.

“Personally, I feel stronger and faster. I also know more about my body now, like how I should be eating right, sleeping well and training the right way. I weigh 215 now, and played at 208 last season.
“Coach Herbert has us doing a lot of upper body stuff and new workouts we’d never even seen before. We all want to out lift each other and do more reps than the other guy. There’s a competition in there and it’s bringing out the best in all of us.”

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