Thursday, April 26, 2018

Michigan Thursday: Nebraska AD and Ibi Picks A Team

Nebraska is loving them some Scott Frost right now.  It's sort of the same feeling we had when Jimmy joined Michigan.  Remember that feeling?  All the recruits would flock to Ann Arbor and we would be beat Ohio State every time we saw them. 

That was a great feeling but it wasn't based on reality.   The reality was the offensive line and QB cupboard was pretty bare and it was going to take time for Michigan to do anything news worthy as it got further and further away from the Hoke and RR era's. 

Nebraska is in the "honeymoon" period, they sold out their spring game and Scott Frost has the fan base excited because his undefeated run in the American Athletic Conference last year.   The reality is Nebraska is coming off a coach well past his prime and never should have gotten the job and I expect it will take a few years before Nebraska is back.   With that said, it didn't stop the Nebraska AD Bill Moos from drinking the kool-aide:  “We’re going to run that up-tempo offense we saw (at the spring game), and we’re going to get the Blackshirts back to being Blackshirts. And that’s extremely important,” Moos said on Tuesday, via the Omaha World-Herald. “You’ve got Urban Meyer and Jim Harbaugh thinking, ‘We better put a little more into that Nebraska game coming up." "And that’s the way we want it. They’re running a little bit scared right now. And they won’t admit it. We’ll leave that at that.”

Reality is neither coach has even given Nebraska a second thought this off season.   I'm sure both are focused on their programs and getting better.  The reality is, it takes years to turn these programs around and get the right players in your system. 

  • Ibi Watson picked Dayton has his next college.  Dayton is a very strong basketball program and we wish Ibi all the luck in the world as he continues his education and basketball career.

  • In bad news, ESPN's Todd McShay has said that many teams have taken Mo Hurst off their board due to the combine EKG and he now may fall to day 3.   What a shame and a huge mistake for teams if its true.   Big Mo would be a steal for any team in the second round. 

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