Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Michigan Tuesday: I'm Glad It Hasn't Happened Here

When Michigan signed up with the Jordan brand, I was worried about one thing:  players selling their gear for huge dollars.  That is exactly what happened at North Carolina's Football program yesterday.   North Carolina of course has been with the Jordan Brand for basketball for many years but recently extended that relationship to the football team.   13 football players have been suspended for 4 games because they sold their team issued Jordan shoes.   The suspensions include NC's starting QB.

The issue is, team issued or PE (player edition) Jordan shoes can go from $5,000 to $10,000 a pair on the resale market.   The shoes are not available to the public and carry a huge resale due to the very limited access.  For example, Stadium Goods a famous footwear re-sale shop currently has a pair of Michigan Jordan PE's in size 12.5 for $6500.   This doesn't mean an active player sold his shoes. Jordan gives out shoes to "Friends and Family" (for example DJ Khaled or Mark Wahlberg) members, Michigan staff gets them, or a former Michigan player could have sold them.

So players can make an easy $1000-$3000 per pair that they got for free.  That seems to be a very dangerous combination, one that Michigan has been able to avoid so far.   I would imagine that the team's compliance office has to remind players every single day not to sell their Jordan gear or shoes.

Speaking of Michigan Nike's available to the public, these will release next week at a price of $110.  Michigan Nike Free Trainer 8.


  • 100 people showed up for the Urban Meyer rally last night at Ohio Stadium. 

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