Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Michigan Tuesday: An Early Look At Western Michigan

Side Note:  We got a few hundred "guess the score" entries and nobody picked ND to win the game.   So let's try it again.

Pick the Michigan - WMU Score on Saturday.

If there are ties, the first entry to hit my inbox (thebighouseblog@hotmail.com) will win the Tom VH book.   We will take entries right up to kick off.

Good Luck!
Western Michigan hosted Syracuse at home on Friday night.  They combined for 97 points and 1,181 yards.  It was clearly a defensive battle.   Western scored 42 points with a huge third quarter where they put up 28 points.   Out of Western's 621 total yards, 379 yards where through the air and 242 yards on the ground.

If your wondering how Drake Harris did?  He had one catch for 12 yards.  It will be great having him back in the Big House on Saturday, but he is clearly on the wrong sideline.  

Western's top RB is?

LeVante Bellamy ran for 120 yards on 11 caries and 2 TD's


D'Wayne Eskridge had 240 yards on 8 catches and 2 TD's


Jon Wassink threw for 379 yards, 2 TD's and 2 Int's

Michigan is -28.5 in the game

Western knows they can't match Michigan's defense so they will spread the Wolverines out and try to put a bunch of crooked numbers on the scoreboard.  They are hoping for a ND hangover.

  • I wasn't surprised that Braylon got drunk on Saturday night and light up the Wolverines on twitter.  I'm also not surprised he has now screwed up his BTN gig.    

  • Jimmy said during his presser he expects to keep the same OL that he had for ND.  He wouldn't tell us if he was planning changes.   I think its time for some changes, put Bredeson at LT and put Hudson in his guard spot.  


Unknown said...

No, Bob...Braylon didn't get drunk. He is speaking the truth. Most of us Michigna fans are on a cloud 9 and think everything is going be ok...when we clearly see that is not. We are just weak football team can't beat anyone who is decent. Our defense is way over rated. Every time we played the big boys we don't looks as good. Bring in a young coach with creativity and who is not afraid of taking chances. Garbgebugh needs to go.

EzmoB said...

Jim isn't going anywhere. It is just 1 loss, not the end of the world.

Tim said...

I am frustrated with the loss to ND, weak offense, bad O-line, etc.

But let's put down the "fire Harbaugh" talk for now. At the end of the Carr era we were clamoring for change...and got it with RR. RR led a team that was exciting, but bad and was never competitive against the big boys.

Hoke's first year was good with Denard & Co., but he slowly go worse and his last year was a dumpster fire.

Then came in Harbaugh. After years of frustration and futility we thought he would lead us to the promise land early and often. That has not been the case and it is frustrating.

Harbaugh came in with satellite camps, he was all over the TV and made a splash...however he didn't win any big games.

I think he has learned alot too. I think he felt like he would win more than he has. Remember - he wants to win more than we want him to win.

ND typically plays very well at home. Also, at times it can take a few games for an O line to truely see what they have and who can match their practice play with game play.

I think we will get better. We are not going to be world beaters this year but we should see improvement and we will be competitive in every game.

If we lose to MSU and OSU on top of ND - then yes - Harbaugh will be on a very hot seat and deservedly so. But let's wait to see what the next few weeks bring.

Unknown said...

Rich Rodriguez and Brady Hoke when they came in and did not win they got fired same thing Jim is not winning fire bring in the next coach who will win and you keep him

EzmoB said...

Who's out there that can come in and start winning every year?

Only way that happens is. The new coach does what these cheaters do. Urban, Saban of the world's. No thanks, I like the reputation of Michigan University and the prestige it holds through out the world.

Rudy T said...

Agreed, I want to win as bad as anyone but not at the cost of selling your soul like a Satan...I mean Saban and Cryer. Suckeyes decided a long time ago that they'd sacrifice integrity and character and any resemblence of student athlete for someone who runs a 4.3 and wins on the field. "I didnt come here to play me no school"...remember that?

Unknown said...

If you want to set this program back another 10 years then fire Harbaugh. Who in the hell do you think is going to replace him? Great football coaches dont grow on trees...smdh...MSU damn near got beat AT HOME by Utah State...State Penn was taken to OT AT HOME against App. St. ...and people want to fire Harbaugh for losing on the road against a top 10 team...give me a fn break!!! The ND crowd was out of control! I was at that game and every mistake that was made is easily corrected so when Michigan runs the table dont jump back on the wagon. Also if it pains ANYONE so much watching...DONT WATCH! Try crocheting and chill the hell out. Sheeesh!!!

Unknown said...


Goose said...

Dilly, Dilly 🍻

Unknown said...

all you guys are stupid and have no knowledge about football....How can you say that Jimmy is doing well...we are garbage with his stupid ass play calling....his play call is so elementary level