Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Michigan Tuesday: Things We Know & Things We Don't

Things we know:

  • Michigan's offense line continues to struggle and each opponent Michigan has left on the schedule will blitz and try to shut down the run.   Michigan has to keep a TE or RB in every time to provide extra protection. 

  • Urban Meyer lied and continues to lie:  he lied at Big Ten Media days, he lied about knowing about Zach Smith's domestic abuse issues, he lied about deleting text messages, and now he is lying during all his 1000 apologies.  OSU will sell their soul for wins on the football field and now they have exactly done that.   If you watch the ESPN interview, when they pan out you can see Urban rubbing his hands and playing with some bracelet on his wrist.   In poker, they call that a tell. 

  • The Northwestern game will be a 4:30 kickoff on FS1.   So Michigan has been on NBC and Fox channels all year long.  No ESPN yet, which seems sort of strange.   (BTN is co-owned with Fox).

  • Jimmy will describe all  (except season ending) injuries as "working through something".   

  • Walk-on WR Jacob West tore his ACL during a kick off on Saturday.

  • The targeting penalty is too severe.  Throw the kid out for that game, having that penalty effect the next game is wrong. 

  • Michigan is now -18 on Saturday. 

Things we don't:

  • How much of the offense have we seen?  Who knows?  Big Mike Onwenu said yesterday, Michigan hasn't shown half of its offense yet.   I hope he is right, but I don't understand how much more they can run without better protection from the O-Line.  Lets stop running that RB dive that is called 10 times a game on 1st down. 

  • What is Michigan going to do at RB?  If Higdon and Evans are out this week, Jimmy said, Tru Wilson will play, Christian Turner, and then Hassan Haskins.  No mention of Kurt Taylor or Berkley Edwards. 

  • Why isn't Michigan offensive line better?  These are highly rated recruits.  Is it coaching?  Grey Frey's offensive line at FSU has been terrible so far this year. 

  • Does Michigan have a safety problem?  It seems that position was getting picked on by SMU.  How about we put another CB out there when a slot guy is killing the defense?  Where is Utah transfer Casey Hughes? He was a little banged up after camp.   How about Woods?  He played last season.  

  • Who is going to play QB for Nebraska this week?  

  • Which teams are good in the Big 10?

  • Reports are positive after the Dak Hill visit.  That he could be down to Michigan and Alabama.  Tough to call at this point. 


EzmoB said...

Bob what about O'Maury at RB? He looked okay on Saturday.

Goose said...

Responding to your question yesterday, I am a bit nervous because I believe Scott Frost is much more willing to take chances to get a big win. I look for a lot of misdirection on 3rd down to exploit Michigans aggressive defense. I believe you will see a few trick plays in this game. I'm just not super confident Michigan will be as prepared as they need to be. They seem flat in the first half of their games so far.Scott Frost has nothing to lose and everything to gain he's also a pretty good coach and game planner. We will see, I dont expect Michigan to win by 18 unless we see some more of that playbook opened up.

EzmoB said...

I agree we better be prepared for Nebraska. All off season they have been taking shots at us and I'm sure they circled this game on their calendar. They will be ready, and I hope we are as well.

Cormac said...

>Let's stop running that RB dive that is called 10 times a game on 1st down.

Perhaps there is a method to Jim's madness that's beyond us mere mortals?

Rudy T said...

Really don't want to see a BYU-WI kind of scenario. Both teams have something to prove so let's see who rises to the occasion. UM clearly more talented but as we've seen, not always the deciding factor. I look for Patterson to have his first 300yd game as NE is vulnerable in pass defense. OLine just needs to give the man two more seconds to plant his feet. Never thought I'd see the day that UM's weakness is their OLine.

EzmoB said...

Daxton Hill just committed!! Big time pick up!

Tommertoffo said...

1) mgoblog painstakingly details the running game plan for the SMU game. It's a spectacular read. Michigan is getting better folks, and it's MAN-BALL and I'm very excited. Work needs to be done, but Harbaugh and team are molding the offense for the future.

2) I love this blog as well and Bob does a great job at summarizing so much of Michigan football.

3) Shae Patterson is getting better and more comfortable with this offense. Play action is wide open....and becoming more open every game. DPJ is becoming a first rate receiver - against ND he was virtually insignificant.

4) Pass blocking is getting better....we'll see with better opponents; however, such improvement is obvious

5) The Urban Meyer stuff is a nothing burger - let's drop it

6) I REALLY like Tru Wilson and O'Maury Samuels. They look awfully good to me. Samuels hit the holes faster than anyone I can remember since Hart.

Jhon Wick said...

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Scott K said...

Odd Samuels wasn't mentioned in the RB depth chart, no? Thought he 'aquitted himself well'.

We do like us some Hills in A2!

Welcome Dax!!


Bob said...

Good call on Samuels he should be on the depth chart, I might have missed him during Jimmy's press conference. I wonder if Christian Turner is now healthy and expecting to take some snaps.

Cormac, I agree. Jimmy forgets more football then I know, but I don't understand with the offense struggling how we can be second and 8 or 10 many times a game and still be an effective offense.