Monday, November 5, 2018

Michigan Monday: Lands 2 Commits on Sunday & An Early Look at Rutgers

If your considering being part of the Michigan program and happened to be in the Big House on Saturday, it must have been difficult to leave unimpressed.   The Wolverines played like Winovich's hair was on fire and a number of recruits took notice.

2019 CB/WR Athlete Mike Sainristil who recently de-committed from Virginia Tech, committed to the Wolverines this weekend.  Mike visited Ann Arbor for the BBQ and everyone but VA Tech knew he was going to commit to Michigan at some point.  Mike is from Don Brown territory in Massachusetts and is 5'9 175 pounds.  As we know,  Jimmy loves him some athletes that can play different positions.   At Michigan he could play WR, RB, CB, or even Safety.

The services have Mike ranked as a 3 star player across the board, except ESPN who has him as the #1 Player in MA and a 4 star athlete.  His offer list is one you would expect from a school in MA:  VA Tech, BC, Rutgers, Wisconsin, UNC, Ole Miss, and some MAC schools.  This is also a bit of a recruiting style change for the Wolverines who have seen Penn State and Purdue have great success with shorter elite athletes this year.

It's clear Michigan would like to have most of its class if not all of its class signed in December.   Which means the Wolverines want to go 5 Star hunting with needs still at OT, LB, and Outside WR.  Either way the rooms at the Inn are starting to get very full for the 2019 class.

2020 RB Tim Baldwin RB joined the future class as well.   Tim is rated as a 4 star to 24/7 and a 3 star on the composite.  He is 5'11 and 187 pounds and from Ashburn, VA.  His early offers included Michigan, BC, Maryland, and Charlotte.   This was his second trip to Ann Arbor and this time sealed the deal for the talented RB.  Tim is the first RB commit to the 2020 class that now has 6 commits 5 commits.

Welcome to both Mike and Tim!

  • Breaking News:  DT Denver Warren has de-committed from Michigan in the 2020 class.  He said on Twitter, that Michigan didn't have a spot for him on the D-Line in the 2020 class.   Which seems very strange this early.  Denver is a 3 star prospect from Illinois. 

  • Look at all these rumors:  Confidence continues to grow around the recruitment to Ann Arbor for 5 Star Zach Harrison.  Quavaris Crouch of course visited this weekend and there was a rumor he was in the locker room singing with the team: "It's great to be a Michigan Wolverine".   We will see for both guys.   Harrison wants to enroll early so he will need to make a decision in the next month or so.  

  • Rutgers kick is at 3:30 on BTN

  • If MSU beat OSU on Saturday at Noon and Michigan beats Rutgers and IU, that would put Michigan into the Big Ten Title game in Indy.  Dantonio still wants to win that game right?

Too Early Look at Rutgers:

Rutgers started off the year with a win against Texas State and have lost 8 in a row.   Though they did play Northwestern tough 18-15.  Wisconsin beat them last week 31-17.  They also had to dismiss a RB recently due to a plot-to-murder charge.  

Offense is consistent:  

Pass for 152 a game which is 119th in the country 
Run for 124 a game which is 114th  
They score: 14 points a game which is 130th 

Defense gives up 33 with is 99th

Line: Michigan -39

On a side note, how is that Big Ten expansion going for Maryland and Rutgers?  I hope the  TV revenue from those markets are worth it. 

If we are doing side notes:  Since ND is sort of in the ACC, Shouldn't they have to play Clemson in the ACC Championship game?


Mike Tebbe said...

How to do tell a top 250 player you don't have room???

If you feel you have a top 100 payer committed at the same position :)

EzmoB said...

I don't believe Michigan told him they didn't have a spot for him. I believe it was more what he assumed. I can't see coaches saying that to a highly talented player.

We will be okay, we have depth in that position.

Unknown said...

Lots of rumors that Warren has had some off field issues that are not in line with what Michigan wants in their student athletes.

Mike Tebbe said...

grades and or off the field issues would make more sense...

Good luck Denver...

Cormac said...

Michigan doesn't have room for a very talented DT in 2020? I think someone is trying to put a square peg in a round hole.

ND is in the ACC for everything except for football. For football, ND is still an independent.

SecondChance said...

Bob had a good week with the BIG picks. Got them all right, except for your pick of MN over Illini. Next week might be tougher.

High Sierra Howard said...

If both Michigan and Michigan State win out, State likely winds up in the Rose Bowl.

Bob said...

Cormac, you are correct but the ACC does have a relationship with ND Football, they of course play a number of ACC teams during the year. Too bad the FSU/ND game won't be any good this weekend. ND Football can also be considered for some of the ACC's Bowl tie ins.