Friday, November 9, 2018

Rutgers Preview

Time: 3:30
Weather: 40 No Rain
Stream: BTN To Go
Line:  Michigan -40

If last week was the most scouted game by yours truly, this one is just the opposite.  I haven't watched a minute of Rutgers Football this season because, Rutgers Football.   Remember when they were good and playing important games against Louisville in the Big East?  Or when their head coach thought staying at Rutgers was better then taking the Michigan job?  Fun Times.

Tale of the Tape
Michigan Everything vs. Rutgers Everything = Michigan

Rutgers and Maryland have made a great case for them to be retracted from the Big Ten.  The expansion to get the DC and NYC TV markets from afar seems to be a disaster.   Before Maryland joined the Big 10 their athletic department was bankrupt.  Don't be fooled that one of the reasons they brought back DJ Durkin had to be money related.   Rutgers has been terrible in pretty much every sport.  Fun Times!

Michigan will take a break from the Revenge Tour, even though Hoke did lose in NJ once.  Since then this game has been a disaster for the Scarlett Knights.   That trend will continue this weekend as Michigan is a 40 point favorite on the road against the one win Scarlett Knights.

Ask someone if these tickets really should be free? if...…………..
  • Higdon gets 200 yards by halftime 
  • Peters and Milton play the entire second half 
  • The NJ kids on the team play well 
  • Nordin gets his confidence back 
  • Everyone stays healthy 
Wonder out loud if Michigan fans outnumber Rutgers fans if...…
  • Michigan doesn't want to be there 
  • The team sleep walks like they did against Northwestern
  • The starters are in late in the 3rd Quarter

This is one of those stat filler games, for example Higdon is 37 yards away from 1000 yards this season.   He probably will get that in the first series.    Patterson hasn't had a 300 yard passing game yet, he could get that during this game, unless Michigan rushes for 600 yards.  

I'm interested in seeing Milton getting some real snaps and Peters gaining confidence just in case something bad happens.   I would also like to see who might step up at RB next year.  The NJ kids will be excited to play in front of family and friends.   Stay heathy and have fun! 

Michigan 51 Rutgers 6


Mike Tebbe said...

This is the game where most of the 1st team should be not playing after halftime.... 2nd string getting a ton of snaps should be the goal

Scott K said...

remember Wilt laughing about the exact same play being called 8 times in a row?

I bet that happens again, tomorrow.

Tim said...

I really like your bullet point #4. We need Nordin to get his confidence back. We will need a confident Nordin as we close the season.

Unknown said...

Milton should not take one snap in this game

Mike Tebbe said...

Milton should take alot of snaps in this game... Or he might be looking elsewhere