Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Wolverine Wednesday: The Big Ten Bowl Prediction Thread

Coming off another Christmas holiday, I'm sure you have been eagerly waiting for the Big House Blog Big Ten Bowl prediction thread.  Yes, its a holiday tradition like no other!

Big Ten Bowl Blitz starts today:

Quick Lane Bowl:  Minnesota vs. Georgia Tech (-6):  This is the last game at Tech for Paul Johnson.  The Golden Gophers had plenty of time to prepare for Tech's triple option but the Rambling Wreck will play hard so that Paul Johnson gets a W in his final game:  GA Tech 28 Minnesota 20  (I'm sure there are good seats still available at Ford Field!)

New Era Pinstripe Bowl: Miami (-3) vs. Wisconsin:  I don't get this bowl at all.  I don't understand why you want to play a bowl game in freezing cold weather.   Yes, playing in Yankee stadium is pretty sweet, but do it in October not December.    Miami is full of athletes and Wisconsin has a bunch of big power guys.  The Hurricanes will not like the weather and Wisconsin knows and loves it.  The cold temps will level the playing field, even though the Badgers starting QB will not play.   Miami's program is a bit of a mess right now.  Wisconsin 17 Miami 14

Music City Bowl: Purdue vs. Auburn (-3.5):  On paper this is a huge miss match in Auburn's favor.   Purdue played one good game all year and was lucky enough to keep their head coach who turned down Louisville.   I really don't think Auburn is going to be up for this game and like OSU if you mail it in, Purdue will put 40 on you.  I still will go with the better team.   Auburn 31 Purdue 21

Red Box Bowl:  MSU vs. Oregon (-2):  Free DVD's for everyone!  Excuse me Mark, can I borrow your copy of Caddy Shack 2?   Oregon is a program on the rise and just signed a very strong recruiting class.   MSU is struggling with it's university and its football program.   I will take the Ducks in this one.  Oregon 28 MSU 14

Holiday Bowl:  Northwestern vs. Utah (-7):  I'm sorry but Northwestern was the most over rated team in the Big Ten.  They play hard but there is a talent gap.   Utah 31 Northwestern 17

Outback Bowl: Iowa vs. Mississippi State (-7):  Penn State's former OC Joe Moorehead knows Iowa and how to beat them.   This will be a close game as Iowa will play better then expected.   Mississippi State 21 Iowa 20

Citrus Bowl: Penn State (-6.5) vs. Kentucky: This might be one of the best bowl games of the year.  I think these teams are evenly matched and will light up the scoreboard.  PSU 41 UK 38

Rose Bowl: OSU (-6.5) vs. Washington:  OSU will be playing for Professor/Assistant AD Urban Meyer in his last game on the sideline.  Washington has struggled at times in a down year for the PAC 12.   You will recognize this game from pretty much everyone that OSU has played this year.   OSU will struggle through the first half and Washington might even have the lead at half time.  Then OSU will find its footing and win comfortably in the second half.  OSU 38 Washington 28

Side note: Can we please bring back football on Christmas day?  Can I have at least one NFL and one Bowl game?   I enjoy the NBA but need some football on Christmas.


Rudy T said...

Agree with your predictions and don't see a favorable record for the B10. Irony that The Cryer will begin his "teaching" career in Leadership. Now, can't argue with the man's football X's and O's prowess, but leadership!? He has no concept of character, leadership or decency. He was a "win at all costs and screw the student athlete" kind of coach. Probably will end up with more former players in jail than the NFL. Suckeyes always double down on their low-brow character and standards when they have a chance to raise the bar.

EzmoB said...

Urban the liar will most certainly have a say on the football team. Ryan day can not be happy that urban is still on campus.

Tim said...

Bob - totally agree regarding no football on Christmas Day.

Ezmo, I thought same thing. From outside looking in it appears to be a Barry Alvarez situation

Steve Zander said...

Let's see, Meyer hangs around the program long enough to get cured of headaches?!? Next thing you know he's back on the sidelines.

Scott K said...

Michael Drake found a way to keep himself from getting Kashoggi'd in an alley somewhere in downtown cbus.

Go Blue Al said...

I think you will be surprised by the Big Tens record this bowl season. Just a gut feeling.

Bob said...

If the Minnesota game is any indication, the Big Ten could have a nice run.