Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Michigan Tuesday: Here Are The Keys Son

Jimmy did his podcast yesterday and it validated what we had heard regarding the hiring of Josh Gattis.

Found out through the grapevine that Josh was considering leaving Alabama to go to Maryland so we reached out and asked if he had any interest in Michigan. I called him at 10 o'clock in the morning and by 3:30 he was coming to Michigan with a signed Memorandum of Understanding," Harbaugh said on this weeks edition of his Attack Each Day: The Harbaughs Podcast. "(Gattis) was on a plane here a day or two later. We've been working here the last couple of days in the office, through the weekend and today. Really, really excited. You can see the resume, the track record of success. When you look at Josh as a coach and the development of players that really jumps out at you right away, wherever he coaches they are successful at really the highest level. All-American at Western Michigan, All-American at Vanderbilt, a couple at Penn State and a couple at Alabama as well. He knows the state and that's also really exciting. He's also a really good player himself at Wake Forest and the Chicago Bears. All in all, just the football ability. Josh is well-regarded across the country and the world of football at all levels. Getting the right person on the bus, somebody I felt that really could coordinate our offense and run the whole offense. Very, very excited about that. We got better."

“I really watched Josh long enough to know, and we talked, (that we) have the same philosophy really offensively… which I like,” Harbaugh said on this week’s edition of Attack Each Day, The Harbaugh’s podcast. “I like the idea of him running it. We have some very fine offensive coaches here, no question about that. They feel like, ‘yeah, let's go! This is the direction that we're going, so let's go and make it great. Let's make it work.’ Everybody has the attitude that Josh has. When I talked to him he said, ‘you're going to get my best.’ When he said that, that's what we're looking for. Somebody that's hungry to make us better, too. We'll get all the final (offensive roles) sorted as we go, but getting the right people on the bus and getting them in the right seats, I think that'll happen really quickly and it's already going smooth so far.”

Josh goes on to talk about Saban yelling at him for taking the Maryland job and leaving Alabama.   He walks out of the office and guess who is on the cell, Harbaugh recruiting him to Ann Arbor.  

  • The new rankings came out yesterday and Duke is still #1 with Michigan #2 and then last night Duke loses to Syracuse at home.   Michigan's only game this week is at Wisconsin on Saturday. 

  • Michigan OL Nolan Ulizio is in the transfer portal and is expected to find a new school.

  • A couple new names in the defensive line coaching search includes ASU's Shaun Nua and Mississippi State's Brian Baker. Former Michigan coach Jerry Montgomery who is currently with Green Bay is also in play, depending on what the new staff in GB does at his position.

  • With the surprise hire of Josh Gattis, how does Michigan have room to hire another coach?  Pep is still on the payroll and Michigan still has an opening at DL coach.   McDaniels has not been officially hired as the WR coach yet, which means Michigan still has 9 coaches right now and has room to hire a DL coach.   I expect Michigan will hire a DL coach soon and continue to push Pep out the door.   If your wondering Pep makes way too much money to be a WR coach at Michigan.   


EzmoB said...

I don't see Josh sticking around for long.

Rudy T said...

Going to be fun to see the outcome of this. The defense might take a small step back next with some key losses and other offenses figuring out what FL and Suckeye U did so having a more potent offense will be a good counterbalance.