Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Michigan Tuesday: Better Than Expected

I wonder how Vegas did on Monday's night National Championship game?   The over under was at 118 and both teams blew that number away.  It seems most folks were considering the under.  The game started slow but finished fast with good defense and some strong outside shooting.

I know Coach B was at the Final 4 receiving a leadership award, but not sure if he stayed the entire weekend.   I hope he was able to watch the game and consider the differences between his team and Virginia or even TT.   Michigan lacked consistent three point shooting all year long.   The Wolverines would go on long slumps of offense and it finally caught up with them against Tech.  Michigan needed that guy that could hit a 3 to get them out of the slump and re-start their confidence.  I hope they figure that out over the summer as the defense is good enough to play on the final day of the season.

Per Coach B: “One of the things they have to do is — we only get four hours a week with them going forward — they've got to play good, old fashioned one-on-one, three-on-three and they have to learn how to score and get their own leverage,” Beilein said on WTKA’s “The Michigan Insider” on Friday. “We have to work on it more now. It's the way the game is going.”

“I'm sure every coach across the country sees this trend of not only was Texas Tech going to switch every screen, not just ball screens, and so was Gonzaga,” Beilein said. “You're going to see it. Michigan State has never done that and that's what they did three times to us. They saw that we had to get more guys who could score in isolation, so it's exactly what we'll work at."

Michigan is expected to be a pre-season top 5 team in the nation, so there could be a lot of good things on the horizon.

  • Remember the Tennessee Football head coach search a few years ago?  How everyone turned it down?  The same thing is happening to UCLA right now.  Ironically, Tennessee's head coach Rick Barnes is the latest to turn it down. 

  • Ben's brother 2022 ATH Alex VanSumeren got offered by Michigan.  

  • Sad to hear the Spring game won't be on BTN.  It also sounds like it won't even be a game.   On the positive side, at least it hasn't been cancelled yet!  :-)

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Cormac said...

Speaking of Coach B., he just lost Iggy. Iggy is going pro. IMO, a big mistake. I don't think that he is that ready for the pros. There were games that he would disappear. Not something that the pros would like.