Monday, May 6, 2019

Michigan Monday: Didn't Make The Trip

It seems Tarik Black and DPJ didn't make the trip to South Africa, which seems a bit strange.   We know DPJ is healing a groin injury but Black participated through Spring Ball.  At this point, I don't think there is anything to read into this, but its a bit strange.  

Brandon Peters on Friday graduated from Michigan and also put his name in the Transfer Portal.   Which we all knew he was going to do as he is currently #4 on the QB depth chart.   Peters showed flashes on good QB play, but also showed some bad and mostly in the Outback Bowl Scrimmage, where Michigan laid down against a poor South Carolina team.   Purdue is still the expected destination.

Since we are playing, whose on the trip?:  Brandon parents told him to have fun in Africa.   Which also seems a bit strange.  

Former Michigan CB Ben St. Juste announced on Twitter that he graduated from Michigan in 2.5 years.  Which is quite an accomplishment.   He also said, that his medical retirement was not his decision and he will have an announcement this week.  In that same post, he also said he was accepted to U of M's Kinesiology graduate program.   So if he is going to continue to play football, he won't be attending U of M.

Losing Ben was a big blow as many had high hopes for him in Michigan's secondary.

  • There seems to be some trending for instate 4 star DE Braiden McGregor to ND.   

  • ESPN and Fox are expected to televise the XFL, which should help getting through its first year. 

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Cormac said...

My take on Peters. If I remember right, when he was sent in to replace JOK, he was third string. I also believe that he was still suffering effects from his concussion in the bowl game. I also question JH about this. After all, didn't JH say that BP reminded him of Andrew Luck?

This may not be a popular thing to say, but I think there is a segment of the Michigan fandom that is happy that BP is leaving.