Friday, August 16, 2019

Michigan Friday: Luke Keeps Digging The Hole

Luke Fickell is very popular with Michigan fans.  He is the only head coach at Ohio State that Michigan has defeated in recent memory.   He was the interim head coach at the time but has gotten passed over twice for the full time gig in Columbus.   So he packed up his things and headed South  about an hour and now coaching The University of Cincinnati.

Now he is upset because he believes Jimmy didn't support James Hudson's waiver to get immediate playing time at UC.  Jimmy fired back that wasn't true and Luke still believes it is.

Tom Mars the lawyer for Shea Patterson's transfer and now a member of an NCAA Committee, has come out and said that Michigan had zero influence over the NCAA's decision.

Another example is Drew Singleton who transferred to Rutgers from Michigan.  His waiver was granted by the NCAA in May and will play this year for the Scarlett Knights.   Similar to UC, Rutgers also has a head coach who was an assistant coach at Ohio State.   The difference is, Rutgers is on Michigan's schedule this year.   Meaning, if Jimmy were going to try to block any transfer, this would probably be the one.

Luke needs to worry about his own team and stop blaming Jimmy for the NCAA's strange decisions.  I hope this is over now.

  • Michigan has received the most impactful injury of training camp as potential RT starter Andrew Stueber has gone down with a leg injury.   We are not aware of how significant the injury is at this point.   This now pencils in Jalen Mayfied as the starter with Ryan Hayes as the back-up.    Jalen and Andrew were in competition for the starting spot, so at a minimum this hurts the Wolverines depth on O-line.   

  • Saturday night well be 2 weeks away from Michigan Football! 

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