Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Wolverine Wednesday: Jimmy Speaks a Lot

We haven't heard much Michigan's head football coach since camp started.   Yes, a few players have spoke and even the coordinators, but not much (as former head coach of the AAF Champion Orlando Apollos Steve Spurrier likes to call the position) from the head ball coach.

Until Tuesday, when Jimmy spoke to the BTN crew, dropped his podcast, and did a press conference.  That is a waterfall of information.   I will do my best to summarize new information for you.   We don't need to re-cap the guys are in great shape and that Josh Gattis is doing a wonderful job running the offense.

  • The highlight of the press conference is when Jimmy took Cincinnati Head Football Coach Luke Fickell to task over the James Hudson transfer.  Jimmy said, he told the truth about the position switch and had nothing to do with his waiver being approved or denied for immediate playing time.  The NCAA denied it, by the way.   Luke had mentioned to the ESPN's Athletic that Jimmy was "cold" when they spoke and inferred that Michigan didn't support the waiver.   Jimmy called that stance by Fickell "erroneous".

  • Jimmy likes the Freshman: Mazi Smith as lost 25 pounds of fat, David Objo has put on 25 pounds of muscle, Giles Jackson, Dax Hill, and CJ Johnson are doing great as punt gunners.  "Zach Charbonnet is coming on like a freight train"

  • The coaches review the depth chart and each player at 10:00 PM each night. 

  • Practices 6-9 will have more scrimmage time built in.  Just completed practice #5. 

  • The rumor of Ambry Thomas having Mono was incorrect, he has Colitis and is now gaining his weight back and getting back his conditioning.  There is no timetable for his return as he heals.  Expect Vincent Gray to replace him in the starting lineup. 

  • Jimmy likes the depth on the defensive line?  CMU transfer Mike Danna is also a starter right now on the DL. 

  • ESPN GameDay will do the it first location of the season at Disney World, next week for the Gators - Hurricanes match-up. 

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