Sunday, September 29, 2019

Rutgers Post Game: A Band-Aid

David Guralnick, Detroit News
Merriam Webster calls band-aides: an offering, making use of, or serving as a temporary or expedient remedy or solution.

That is exactly what Rutgers provided the Wolverines on Saturday afternoon, a band-aide from the wound they received in Wisconsin the week before.  The Michigan offense didn't fumble during its first series and scored on a nice route and run by Nico.  The defense shut out the helpless Scarlett Knights and the only Michigan turnover was an underthrown 50/50 ball where Shea lost the 50.  

This is what we expected a month ago when Michigan played MTSU.  By the way, Middle Tennessee is not as good as we thought, they have won one game and just got boat raced by Iowa who travels to the Big House next week.   So the Wolverines are a month behind schedule and years behind the Alabama, Ohio State's, and Clemson's of the world.  

Still Michigan won a football game 52-0 which was nice to spend a game where it didn't feel like Mike Tyson is using your stomach as a speed bag.   As we go to the Cheers and Jeers...…………..

  • 1 TO by the offense 
  • Defensive shut-out 
  • Speed in Space working 
  •  9 players ran for 141 yards 
  •  5 rushing TD's 
  • Shea passed for 276 yards and 1 TD
  • Joe passed for 59 and 1 TD 
  • Having DT's on the field 
  • Paye was unblock-able and had 3.5 TFL's
  • Dax with some good hits and extended play with the 1's
  • Joe Milton has a cannon 
  • Giles Jackson got his first of many TD's
  • Run blocking wasn't great 
  • Glasgow struggled in space a couple times 
  • Did you watch OSU?
  • Northwestern's performance in Madison was embarrassing to Michigan's effort and lack of preparation the prior week. 
Having Gattis on the sideline doesn't make him a better play caller, it makes him a better coach.  To be able to get in guys faces and show a little energy from an offensive leader is important.  Jimmy publically continues to be robo coach.    I have been railing on Coach Brown all week and he did show 2 DT's most of the game and even played a zone a number of times.   If you want to look ahead, Michigan doesn't have a good defensive scheme to stop Fields and the OSU offense right now.   Love seeing Dax Hill and Cam McGrone getting snaps with the 1's as the future is crazy bright for those two. 

Next week against Iowa will show if this week was a Rutgers band-aid or real improvement has been made.  


Captain Froglipps said...

Better than nothing.... a victory over "Slippery Rock" would have made more of a statement.

The true tests will be Notre Dame, Ohio State, and Penn State, also Michigan State{tough but not as scary) as other three. Must not forget Iowa....

To split even on those games would be welcome, but easily could "whiff", all of them.

All the "die-hards, that think this game turned the corner for us, talk to me after the Ohio State Game.

Renegade said...

Was nice to get a victory by the expected margin.

One thing I noticed in the game and have seen in the previous ones is the inability to cover cross over routes. I saw at least two where the receiver had no one on him. Honestly I would run that play every down until you could show me you can cover it.

MichiganMan said...

Y isn't Patterson keeping the and run maybe 5-10 times a game....this will be another headache for the defense...this exactly what OSU does....

MichiganMan said...


Cmfgoblue said...

Nothing I saw changes anything..... Rutgers should not play football....Jim does not care and it is obvious that he is a Defeated man... Iowa has real players and a real coach.... Iowa wins big and if im wrong than the band aid would have been applied for another week... Osu will score 70 on us... this is the worst o line since 2008... and the d line... not FBS level...

Cmfgoblue said...

Those shades Jim wears is not hiding the reality of this situation.... dire....

JackBurton said...

Geez guy, relax a little. It’s just a game, don’t hurt yourself Cmfgoblir. Sounds more like you’re the defeated man, get outside a little and enjoy the fall weather.

Goose said...

Fall weather blahahahaha its 98 degrees where I live. I would love love love some fall weather.

Unknown said...

Fans are fanatics... or are we just a reflection of our fearless leader....I appreciate your concern Jack... it didn’t hurt myself... close..

Mike Tebbe said...

Do this next week against Iowa and I might think the ship is going straight again... MIGHT

MichiganMan said...

Chris ASh to Michigan...replace old man Brown...plz...ASAP

dude1984 said...

This was a big win. Not because they won 52-0, but because of the response. They showed they had a pulse and on the fourth game of this season they finally played up to expectations.

I like:
-The power formations from shotgun;
-Going under-center in goal line situations;
-Not as much Zone read;
-Rolling Patterson out…he seems more accurate and it really presses the defense;
-Seeing the true and redshirt freshmen play…as long as they aren’t a liability give them some time and adjust it according to how they play and the player they’re covering for play…not only does it increase depth, but it’s good for recruiting;
-Two punt returners;
-More zone coverage;

I didn’t like:
-Offensive line not getting a consistent push;
-Corners playing press…when in man I prefer a soft coverage since teams are picking and crossing. Soft coverage creates a buffer zone to prevent CBs from getting caught up;

MichiganMan said...

Dude be quiet.... talkin about a good what are you smoking....get lost don't ever write here again