Saturday, September 7, 2019

The Big Top House

Jimmy and staff should rent a huge carnival tent for the next two weeks and practice under it.  This team is a circus clown car mess right now in all stages.  Coaching is terrible, play calling is terrible, health of the players is bad, special teams isn't special,  and as the old saying goes: How do you feel about your teams execution?  I'm for it.

Army only lost this game on the scoreboard, they 100% played their game today and took it to the Wolverines for a full game and 2 OT's.   Michigan's hundreds of mistakes was only saved by Kwity Paye's strip sack and fumble recovery.   Speaking of that, where the hell is our defensive tackles?  Are they all hurt?  Michigan was throwing DE's at the Army OL all day which is huge reason the score was what it was.  Ben Mason is not ready to be a starter on the DL.

Let me get to the officiating for a second, they stole 7 points from the Wolverines and the lead.   It was a complete robbery.  How that is not reviewable is still foreign to me.

I have a host of other call outs in the Cheers and Jeers.

  • Kwity Paye's last play 
  • Michigan won 
  • Charbonnet has locked up the starting RB position
  • Hill's pick saved the game as well 
  • Uche played very well all day 
  • Not kicking the field goal in the 4th quarter to take the lead is a fire-able coaching offense.  Going for it, is 100% the wrong decision.   Also punt the ball on the last drive of the game in regulation from mid field and make Army go 80-90 yards.  The only way you lose is if Army has a short field and kicks a field goal.   Coaching was horrific at all levels today.  
  • Hudson what are you doing on that off sides?  
  • Shea has to be hurt as he is playing awful.  If he isn't hurt he needs to be replaced.   That was a John O'Korn performance out there today. 
  • How was our WR's not getting separation?
  • How is it Michigan can't pick up a blitz and there isn't an open hot route?
  • Ronnie Bell scares the hell out of me on every punt 
  • I saw Jeter in there for one play, Michigan really missed Jeter and Dwumfour today 
  • Michigan has lost more fumbles through 2 games then they did all of last season 
  • Michigan's offensive play calling seemed like they were trying to beat Army at their own game.  
There were a million issues today and Michigan did its best to beat itself against a solid football team.  I'm not in favor of a week 3 bye but Michigan needs it and has a long list of issues to try to correct.   Right now, Wisconsin is a much better team and Michigan has to get better these next two weeks for that game to even be competitive.  

The good news is Michigan is 2-0 and probably can't play much worse then they have.  

P.S:  STOP SCHEDULING ANY SERVICE ACADEMY - NEVER AGAIN! I'm getting very tired of the AD office hurting this team with its scheduling.   Playing this game does nothing for what Michigan is trying to do this year.  


Mike Tebbe said...

Outcoached again...

Keep those timeouts for a rainy day Jim...

Dylan 1 snap today???

Offense looks no different than last year... Josh who???

Any recruit present today probably thought... OMG not going here...

Sick off waiting for JH to get us to the top...

Coach Anderson said...

the play call was terrible... speed and space looks... looks more like 3 yards and a cloud of dust.

MichiganMan said...

Sorry boys we're in big trouble next week is bye week after that a guaranteed lost at Wisconsin

MichiganMan said...

Josh Gattis looks in inexperience there are no Crossing patterns no quick Slants and no pass protections

dude1984 said...

Before I rant about the offense I just want to say the defense played really good today and it’s a good thing they get a week off before playing Wisconsin. That was a physical game and Wisconsin plays a physical style...and Jonathon Taylor is the best player in college football.

Now the offense…
-I’m not sold on Patterson. The injury (and possibly the wind) could explain in the inaccuracy. A lack of confidence from the fumbles could explain the bad zone reads. Regardless of the reason it’s not good enough and the next two weeks of practice before Wisconsin needs to be a QB competition to hopefully settle on a QB for conference play.

Personally, I’d go with McCaffery right now. In the short term the offense has looked better when he is in. Big picture you can get up to 3 seasons with the same QB.

-Charbonnet has won the right to be the primary back. He needs to be out there 90+ percent of the plays.

-The fumble issue needs to be solved. 3 in the first half today, 4 total for this game, and 8 for the year (5 lost-3 recovered)! MTSU was able to make it a fairly close game longer than it should have been and Army almost won because of them.

-At times I wonder if Jim Harbaugh is calling plays because at times it’s the same crap we saw last year. Running up the middle, especially draws from the shotgun, are not going to work in short yardage situations. A quick in or out, a WR screen, or even a QB draw would be a better call (even with Patterson’s fumble-itis) than running the ball up the middle in short yardage situations out of the shotgun.

-They need to pass the ball more. Ratio wise I’d say at least 60% pass. The only time it should be below 60% is in rainy weather. WR is a strength position and throwing it opens up the run. When they focus on throwing the ball they look pretty good. When they focus on running, especially up the middle, it’s a hot mess.

-Disappointed there weren’t any screens of any kind or play action. They could have had a potential big play if they would have called play action on first down after running it a few times in a row on both first down and the downs leading up to the new set of downs.

As for Harbaugh, I’m really starting to get sick of the team being/looking unprepared and flat. What the hell are they doing in practice? Is there a country club mentality? I’ll give them week 1 since there are jitters and it was the first game in a new system, and not to throw shade at Army because they’re a solid team, but there is no reason for it to be so close.

All of his teams seem to play down to the level of their opponent…and when the opponent is superior they get run out of the stadium. Anything less than winning the Big 10 is a failure, and I just don’t see how they’ll do it. Harbaugh doesn’t seem like Harbaugh since he came to Ann Arbor.

MichiganMan said...

Dude did you copy and paste all this from a article

Cmfgoblue said...

Fire entire staff and sit shea

Goose said...

I'm officially off the harbus. I hate he couldn't get it done but its obvious he cant. Best case scenario he goes NFL after the season.

Cmfgoblue said...

Agreed Goose! We need to fire Ward and Jim and start over! Now!

Chowman said...

Stared at the TV in disbelief when they went for it on 4th down instead of kicking the FG. Then when I saw the play that they ran, had to leave the room. Neighbors must of thought I lost my mind when I started screaming at the TV when instead of pinning Army deep with a punt, again they went for it on 4th down and once again got stuffed. Not ready to abandon Speed in Space, but on short yardages, lets go back to what we did last year. Shea under center and get Ben Mason back on O. As far as the D, man lets get some snaps for Mazi Smith and Chris Hinton. With Jeter and Dwumfor both hurting, Ben Mason not a viable answer, especially as B1G play begins.

Captain Froglipps said...

Dude 1984 says it well..

I think if they reboot the program "Lost in Space" Michigan would be a shoe-in (perfect fit)

Jim ought to quit eating boogers, and eat healthier (might solve problem).

Seems like Ohio State re-loads and gets more formidable every year.


Jimmy "our savior", is going to go 0-5 against Ohio State, anybody else top that? Hopefully we win, but I am not going to stay up at night worrying about it... the pain is easier went you already factor in a beating....

MichiganMan said...

Chow mein you still believe in hard by all that Garbage you was talkin last year.... how you supported hard by now he is the best coach in the world...
And I keep telling you delusional delusional fans that hard was just....u know waht