Friday, October 4, 2019

Iowa Preview

Time: Noon
Location: Big House
Weather: 55 No Rain
TV: Fox
Stream: Fox Sports. com
Line: Michigan -3.5

We all know there are two Iowa teams: Home Iowa and Road Iowa.  The Hawkeyes play very well at home with the Children Hospital overlooking the stadium.   Road Iowa struggles, similar to a team we love when they leave Ann Arbor.   Yes, Oliver Martin is now a Hawkeye and will be on the field on Saturday but the biggest loss is probably the biggest recruiting mistake since Hoke turned down Joey Bosa.  Iowa tackle Alaric Jackson from Detroit had flipped to Michigan prior to signing day 2016 and former Michigan OC Tim Drevno didn't send him his LOI to sign.  Jackson is now a senior and considered a high round NFL draft prospect.    He has a knee issue and is questionable for Saturday after missing a few games.

Tale of the Tape  
Rushing D = Iowa
Passing D = Michigan
Passing O = Michigan
Rushing O = Iowa
Intangibles = Michigan
Consistency = Iowa

Michigan's offense has struggled until Rutgers came to town with a lame duck head coach.  It's time to test the engine and see if it really has improved.  

Can Shea find WR's quickly and also spot the buck naked ones?
Can the OL pick up a stunt by Iowa's defensive line?
Can Don Brown game play for Iowa better then he did against Wisconsin?
Can Michigan run the ball?

If Michigan can answer yes, to all those questions our beloved Wolverines are in good shape on Saturday.

Think to yourself, "well that is F'ing better" if...…………..
  • The Oline has its best day 
  • Shea looked like last weekend Shea 
  • Don Brown shows he is one of the best DC's in the country 
  • Michigan runs for 175 yards and passes for 325
  • Michigan covers Iowa TE's
Think to yourself, "this is Wisconsin F'ing 2.0" if...…………………
  • Don Brown's defense continues to curl up against a ranked team
  • Michigan's offense is giving Iowa short fields with TO's
  • Home Iowa actually shows up 
  • Ferentz and Harbaugh are up late on Friday talking about the "good all days of the Big Ten" and slamming beers. 

Iowa lost a boat full of talented offensive players last year including the new Detroit Lion TJ Hockenson.  Their offensive line has been decent this year but banged up.  They could get healthier this weekend if Jackson can play and is 100%.   Iowa's QB Stanley is starting his 10th year at Iowa and has a strong arm, but will  pick you apart with dumps off if you let him.   Iowa's game plan is similar to Wisconsin's, control the ball and clock and let Michigan make mistakes.

Michigan just needs to play smart on both sides of the ball.  Have they gotten better or was it just the Rutgers effect?  Shea needs to play like Russell Wilson did last night, get out of the pocket,  hit some WR's down field, and scramble for a few first downs.   This is a game the Michigan defense can win if they stop the run, cover Iowa's TE's and RB's out of the backfield.

Michigan 24 Iowa 13


MichiganMan said...

Bob, my friend...I love the info you provide us...but IOWA 24 Michigan 13....

Go Blue!!

szanreno said...

I didn't know Hoke turned down Joey Bosa.

EzmoB said...

Michigan 28 Iowa 17.

MichiganMan said...

Pure 🗑

szanreno said...

I thought the box score against Wisconsin looked crazy, today is even crazier. Unbelievable numbers.