Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Michigan Tuesday: Aidan Hutchinson is The BIG10 Defensive Player of The Week

Aidan Hutchinson's performance on Saturday earned him the BIG10 defensive player of the week award.  He had 6 tackles (2.5 TFL's), 1 Sack, 1 Forced Fumble and his unit gave up 1 rushing yard.   Don Brown also said on the radio, he has/had an upper body injury last week, which didn't slow him down a bit.  The biggest oversight was by me not including Aidan in Sunday's "Cheers" section.  I'm sure he was crushed and will take it out on Illinois this weekend.  :)

Will Aidan get to chase his former room-mate on Saturday Brandon Peters?  We still don't know, as Brandon left during the first half of last Saturday's game with a concussion.  My guess is that Brandon doesn't play on Saturday, but that is purely just my speculation.

  • Jimmy didn't have an update on the status on McCaffrey or Paye's injuries. 

  • I wouldn't be surprised if Dylan is 100% healthy on Saturday that he gets the start.  Again, speculation. 

  • Have you been wondering which former Wolverines are in the XFL Draft?  Nope, me either but here it is anyways:  Stribling, Isaac, Edwards, and Logan Tulley-Tillman.   Good luck to them! 

  • ABC has confirmed the PSU 7:30 kick


Dvzk said...

Bob you give me hope and something to look forward to with the statement that McCaffrey may start Saturday. If that happens I would be ecstatic, although I'm not convinced it would make this team what we all hoped it would be before Wisconsin exposed us. I still see a d-line that needs more depth and a run game with few competent bodies to carry the rock, and a o-line not getting blocks to the second level. Maybe a competent rpo Qb can change a lot. ������

szanreno said...

It's hard to believe Patterson regressed that much in one year. He seemed to be pretty serviceable last year and was a good runner.