Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Wolverine Wednesday: That's Better

When you only have 5 players on the floor, one elite player can win games around 4 good other players.   We have seen Melo and KD take their teams on a national championship ride as they were clearly the best players in the NCAA Tournament.  You could even use Glen Rice as a Michigan example of that same theory.

As of today, Michigan doesn't have an elite player on the floor.  Some have said, that could be Wagner when healthy, but that reveal is delayed until he heals.   Michigan this season will have to win like they did last night, play great defense, hit 3's, find Big Sleep down low, and play with energy at all times.   That last point about energy might be the most important.

Last night, Zavier found his assist and dribble drive games and finished with 17 points, Teske closed the game with 10 straight and finished with 17, and Livers was hitting 3's and even added some mid-range game that led the team with 22.   If those 3 play like that, Michigan will be competitive in most games.   Creighton and Michigan seem to have similar talent and Michigan ran away at the end for a 10 point win.  2nd half energy and effort was the difference and  it was great to see the new Michigan staff have that positive effect on the players.

  • Could be a strange basketball season as #1 UK went down to Evansville last night.

  • Coach Dantonio seems to be in a strange place as MSU's head coach.  He told the media that his QB Brian Lewerke didn't go into the concision protocol and MSU later had to say he was checked for a concussion.   I'm still concerned this an injured wild animal that is playing dead and about to get up and fight. 


Cmfgoblue said...

Good let Msu fight.... We should still be able to beat them...... Bob we cannot ever be afraid of MSU like this... that is what has lead to the debacle with osu.... im just as guilty i am afraid when it comes to that... every year i see the schedule i start at 0-1.....I hate them both... but losing to Msu and dealing with all of their fans talking shit while wearing sweat pants and buying 75oz. Pops is terrible.... These pricks will not beat us... if they did... i wonder who could support Jim then?

MichiganMan said...

Cmfgoblu we are not losing to MSU... I was afraid of them in the past but not anymore.... I think we will win by more than 20 points

Cmfgoblue said...

Good call Michigan Man....Should be able to throw all over them....they will need to have 3 turnovers go in there way.....not going to happen

Docholliday said...

I agree with the sentiment we will beat MSU pretty badly. Michigan feels like they are on the up and up, while MSU feels like they are going the other way, and fast. I don't see the players for MSU truly staying up for this game for 4 quarters. They might look intense to start out, but in the back of their minds they know this season is over for them. Illinois coming back and beating them might be the coup de grâce, and now you have a Michigan team that is starving for blowout wins, at home, with an offense that has looked dramatically better in recent weeks. I just don't see it being close. Michigan by 24+. GO BLUE. And also, thank God for the turn around. With Detroit being terrible, this would've been a long, hard winter.