Thursday, January 16, 2020

Michigan Thursday: Pull Up The Stakes - Camp Is On The Move!

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Remember the question I asked you yesterday?  What would you do in this situation?  Your former company offers you $1M a year, a promotion, and a chance to work with your brother.   The catch is, its with the worst company in your market.

Here is another one for you:  Your a young defensive coach with a background of being a very strong recruiter.  For the past 3 weeks you have been recruited by BC and Rutgers to be their DC's which of course is a promotion with a big salary bump.   You take a long time to make a decision and then decide to stay in your current role.   Then in what looks like a very quick decision, you completely change course and head to one of the worst NFL teams to be a position coach.  That NFL team is owned by a Michigan Alumni in a role that doesn't take advantage of your greatest strength (recruiting).   Is that the move you make over the DC's roles?

Coach: Anthony Campanile 
Team: Miami Dolphins 
Owner: Stephen Ross 

I have a post in my head, with the title: Everyone Cheats.  This is a clear example Michigan doesn't understand how any of this works, as one the richest alumni is taking coaches off the staff instead of paying them or players to make the program better. 

Remember when I said, we don't know the entire story?  There is probably another Bacon Book in this hire alone.  

So now what?  Has Michigan lost out on some of the young coaches they were hoping to bring in? Are they going to hire a guy off the S&C staff?  Your guess is a good as mine, even the insiders seem to be confused at this point.  

Please note, I'm still in the camp (no pun intended) that losing coaches is a sign of respect from other programs.  Alabama loses a ton of coaches every year, MSU doesn't.   I'm more concerned about the impact to recruiting, which is clearly an area Michigan can improve in.   

Stay tuned as this has been a wild month.

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Cormac said...

I read somewhere that Harbaugh said that he has both slots filled and will release the names when the time is appropriate.