Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Wolverine Wednesday: One DT Out - One Coach Stays

Michigan Football has seemed to have gotten good news and bad news on the same day.

The Bad is that Michael Dwumfour has decided to enter the transfer portal.  Which I really don't understand, which leads me to believe we don't know the entire story.   We all know that DT is a huge area of need and that when Michael was healthy in practice was making news as a good DT.   The issue is he never seems to be healthy and even skipped the Citrus Bowl to get surgery in early December.

So why would a DT transfer when there is plenty of playing time available?  Carlo Kemp is coming back for a 5th year, but I don't expect that was the reason.  If I had to guess, I believe its that Michigan is recruiting 2 Stanford Transfer Portal DT's.    I like Michael a lot but this rule seems to apply to him:  The best ability is availability.   Good Luck, Big Man!

The Good:

What would you do in this situation?  Your former company offers you $1M a year, a promotion, and a chance to work with your brother.   The catch is, its with the worst company in your market.

That is the situation Anthony Campanile was dealing with and seems to have turned down.  The program was Rutgers, the job DC, and salary was rumored to be $1M.  Many insiders believe Anthony is now sticking with Michigan, though Joe Brady said he was staying at LSU and two days later takes the NFL Panthers OC job.   Rutgers has already hired a new DC, so that window seems to be closed.  

This is good news for the Wolverines and staff, Campanile is considered the best recruiter on staff  (after Partridge left).  Losing both top recruiters would be very hard to replace.   Jimmy and Don did a good job saving this one.  

The Strange:

With AC staying now the focus goes to, who is going to replace Partridge?  The leading candidate (per Mgoblog) seems to be Tank Wright an assistant on the Strength and Conditioning staff.   This makes zero sense to me and seems like a way to save a few dollars.   I don't know Tank's background but this would be one of the stranger hires Jimmy has ever made if it happens.   For Michigan not to find a few $100K more for a young raising defensive coach in college football is problematic to me. 

  • You can try to fire Bobby Petrino but he just finds his way back.  He is the new head coach of Missouri State. 

  • As a reminder the two Stanford DT's are Michael Williams and Jovan Swann.  A new name that Michigan is considering is Quincy Roche from Temple.  Quincy is a DE that had 13 sacks last season.  He is more Uche then Gary at 235 pounds. 


Unknown said...

If harbaugh and staff were a ship i would stand very close to the life boats. something is very wrong in house.

MichiganMan said...

Fire Harbaugh and Brown....I am telling you guys we are only 8-10 win a season team...not elite, only thing is hold us back is a good coach. We are a national brand and Michigan can get a recruit from anywhere in the country. We just need a creative coach who can take us to the peak.

Fire Don Brown....why is he not fired yet....this is a disaster waiting to happen next year.

OSU 62 Mich 20------> Nov. 2020

Mark my word..Tua and Young will be a bust NFL!!

Cmfgoblue said...

Yes for goodness sakes does anyone understand anything about football in the athletic office or do they just not care because they will sell tickets either way....FIRE JIM....if there is any self respect left? What do the Schembechlers think of program?

Goose said...

If jim leaves it will be of his own accord this year. There is no chance of that happening until the nfl season if over. I dont think he is leaving this year but if he does it will be back to the nfl.
It may workout better by waiting till next year to fire him. payouts are alot less & you may be able to the right guy rather then just another name. I have been advocating for PJ Fleck since his days at western michigan. Now that hes made a name for himself maybe warde will remove his head from rectal cavity and give him a chance. Just my thoughts.

MichiganMan said...

Goose you're the man I like Lincoln Riley but PJ Fleck works for me if either one gets hired and don't do the job correctly fire them....

Cmfgoblue said...

Good call goose.... i just hate the “row the boat” shit.... is that me being petty? If so correct me

Cmfgoblue said...

Maybe Jim and Pj and switch places.... Jim would be great for Minnesota

Cmfgoblue said...