Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Wolverine Wednesday: Does Michigan Have A Recruiting Problem?

Michigan Football has a 99 problems, is recruiting one?  

The answer is yes, but not as big of a problem as we might think it is.  Everyone was worried about this current class and now they're ranked #6.   Touch the Banner has a new post up on how to fix Michigan recruiting and I agree with many of his points.  

Here are my thoughts:

Michigan has a talent gap between Alabama, Clemson, and Ohio State.  It was very clear at the Big House against Ohio State and Alabama in Orlando.  Michigan out played Alabama for the first half and everyone knew in the stadium Bama was going to win the game.   Why?   Talent.  

I don't believe Michigan is at a coaching disadvantage over those 3 schools.   Bama loses its entire staff every year and they just keep winning.  Saban doesn't have a magic elixir, he just recruits top talent every year.   I do believe Don Brown freezes up in big games and doesn't come up with anything new, but now Jimmy has put 2 very experienced former DC's around him.  

So now what?

Michigan has to recruit the freak athletes and recruit them hard.   When I watch OSU, Clemson, and Bama they have freaks 3 or 4 deep.   When Michigan loses a starter, many times the backups aren't ready for the bright lights.   For years, Michigan had zero options at back-up QB.  BTW, I'm not talking about nothing but 5 star prospects, I'm talking about taking a chance on a 3 star 5'8 kid that runs a 4.2.  Find the freaks! 

Recruit Ohio and Detroit better - Michigan lost Detroit when Wheatley left for the NFL again.  He is now a head coach, so that move worked out for him.   Michigan needs someone from Detroit to recruit Detroit and probably should bring back a former Wolverine to do it.    Ohio kids will always go to OSU because they don't have a choice.  Still Michigan needs to win a small percentage of those battles.   

Get the ball to the talent - Jimmy's biggest weakness in my mind, is that he doesn't get the most of the talent that he has.   Michigan needs to find more ways to get the ball to their game breakers.  DPJ didn't have the Michigan career he should have.   Hell, the NFL continues to question the way Michigan used Josh Uche the last couple years.   This is another Saban and Meyer strength, OSU always beats Michigan with their best athletes and it doesn't take a genius to know Ruggs and Jeudy were going to kill Michigan in Orlando.  

When Texas was on top of the college world, they would invite the top 50 players in Texas to a camp, pick 20 guys to offer and their recruiting was done.   Bo could fill his roster with 100+ scholarship kids from the Midwest.  Things have changed and Michigan will always recruit well even if they didn't leave campus to talk to kids.    Still they need to find more ways to close the gap between the top schools if they are going to compete for Championships.  


MichiganMan said...

Bob stop saying there is a gap in players...that is nonsense..there teams who beat OSU, Bama, and is a coaching problem not talent problem....

Told you guys to him on AXL and TEN.....ching ching

szanreno said...

Wait a second. Last week you said getting three-star and four-star players wasn't going to cut it. We had to get 5 Star players. Now you say it's not talent that it's the coaching. Make up your damn mind bucknutsboy!!!

Rudy said...

As to getting the ball to the play makers, can't argue. But, play makers got to make plays! DPJ had a horrible drop ratio. He made some nice plays, but blundered in many critical situations.

Goblu said...

BuckNutBoy is not required to: 1. Be consistent; 2. Actually use analysis; 3. Spell correctly or use proper grammar; 4. Invest more than $10 at a time on penny stocks.