Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Wolverine Wednesday: Welcomes Chaundee Brown

Transfer season is open for business at Stadium and Main.   Wake Forest SG Chaundee Brown committed to Juwan Howard's program on Tuesday.   Brown playing in the ACC is a little different then taking a talented player from Colombia or Harvard.   Brown will need a waiver to play right away, which could be an option with Wake changing coaches and then of course the COVID situation.   Welcome Mr. Brown!

There is a little bit of other news, its been reported by Rivals that Eastern might not enroll at Michigan if he doesn't get a waiver and could go overseas to play pro ball.   So right now Michigan is full if Livers comes back or could still be down one if Eastern goes elsewhere. 

This reminds me of the story on how Graham Glasgow got to Michigan.   Graham was a no star player from Illinois that for about 3 weeks during 2011 became a very hot preferred walk-on recruit.   Both Michigan and Ohio State were going after him.   Now with some recruiting interest, Graham was taking in this new status and started to weigh his options.   After some thought, he announced he was heading to Ohio State.   When Michigan open fall camp that year, Graham was there and the rest is history with his 2 other brothers following him to Ann Arbor and all 3 getting drafted.    There is an ESPN 30 for 30 here for sure. 

Bob, great story but how does that related to Michigan basketball taking transfers?  When Michigan Basketball starts back up, I think coach should post that practice is starting and whoever shows up, shows up. 

  • Michigan is trending for 2021 4 Star TN LB Junior Colson, who will be a HS Senior next season and a college Freshman next.  His name is very confusing!  Junior will be announcing his decision this weekend. 

  • Michigan recruiting Belleville might be over.  It seems Jimmy and the Belleville coach are not seeing eye to eye and have a pretty good feud going.   This is bad for a number of reasons, as Belleville has become a state power and is turning out D1 prospects and of course this limits kids local scholarship options.   This reminds me of a line in the old Tom Cruise movie, "All The Right Moves":  "You're not god, Nickerson. You're just a typing teacher".    

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