Thursday, July 2, 2020

Michigan Thursday: JJ is Elite

Michigan's 5 star 2021 QB JJ McCarthy participated in Trent Dilfer's Elite 11 competition this past week.  He was picked in the Top 11 (no order was given) after participating in 3 days worth of work outs.   This years ranking included junior highlight tapes and workout this past week.  Many that watched the workouts thought JJ did well and has a very live arm and could make all the throw.   The only issues mentioned was he is a bit thin right now and not really a threat as a runner.   SI had JJ ranked as high as #2 at the camp.

JJ is going to take a family vacation before heading to IMG for a semester.   He then will enroll at U of M in January. 

Kwity Paye gives us an update on the COVID processes the players are going through:

“When we first get into Schem, we have to go through the new inside of Schem,” Paye said. “Once we get there, we have to get our temperature checked and we have to fill out a survey every day to make sure we’re not experiencing any symptoms. Once we do that, we walk in, get our stuff from our lockers and go change. Once you do that, you can never come back from where you came, so you continue in a forward line. So once you get your stuff and change in the locker room, you can’t go back to the locker room – you can’t back through the front way. You have to go back through the locker room, enter onto the field and then you go train and stuff like that. Make sure you wash your hands before you touch any doors, before you touch any bottles, stuff like that.

“It’s good – our guys are doing a very great job of keeping us safe, making sure we’re wearing masks everywhere we go in the building. Just making sure we’re not spreading or contracting the virus in any way.”

“All of the strength coaches have to wear their masks,” Paye said. “If they want to come and spot us or anything, they have to put on an additional head gear equipment that prevents any germs, stuff like that. They have to put on extra layers to really, really prevent (transmission). If you break it down, chemicals, when you touch each other, it breaks down when we’re at rest or whatever. (We stay) six feet apart.”

  • Michigan DE target Dallas Turner picked Alabama yesterday.  


Goblu said...

"SI had JJ ranked as high as #2 at the camp." I would love the reaction of our negative nelly's if the Ohio qb was #1. Ha!

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